Update - June 25th, 2022

Aidan is out of surgery and in ICU showing progress. Not out of the woods yet. Surgeon is pleased 🙏🙏🙏. All of your love, prayers and support are helping all of us get through this.

Update - June 16th, 2022

Aidan's open heart surgery has been scheduled for June 24th, 2022.  Many of you have asked us to increase the funding goal to help with medical fees over the next couple of months.

We are blown away by the love, support, and generosity you have all shown our family.

Thank you so much and God Bless.

Stephen and Laurie Sadler


Hi Everyone,

As many of you know our grandson, Aidan, has been experiencing physical complications since his birth, three months ago. In addition to being born with Down's Syndrome, Aidan has only one heart value. This type of disorder is common with people with Down's and can be fixed with specialized surgery.  

Over the last few months Aidan's parents, Brian and Noelle, have been trying to prepare for surgery scheduled around four month mark. Unfortunately, they've had difficulties getting Aidan to gain weight, because he can't hold down food, combined with being on Lacix to stop congestive heart failure. Due to this, Aidan's was placed on a feeding tube a couple of weeks ago.

On Friday, Brian and Noelle noticed Aidan twitching and as the weekend progressed, it got worst and became apparent he was struggling. Yesterday May 22, he was admitted back into Children's Hospital in Detroit for the third time and was diagnosed with having seizures.

...and through all this Aidan barely cries. He's truly a blessing and definitely a trooper.

Brian and Noelle, aren't the type of people to ask for help, but many of you have asked how and where to go to support them. So I created this GiveSendGo campaign for them. Monies will be used for Aidan's medical needs.

Thank you so much friends and family, you truly are the best.

God Bless,

Stephen and Laurie Sadler