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March 30

This is Lori. I figured it's about time for me to give you an update.

I've been home from the hospital for about 7 weeks now. This is the halfway point before we go back to continue with the follow-up treatment. The Dr said that this is not a "feel good" process and he was right. I have tumors around my abdomen. The treatment I am under is designed to activate my immune system to attack the cancer. Unfortunately, every time I take a chemo pill it brings on the pain. Pain means progress in this case so I find myself in pain a lot. (Thank God for Tramadol) The good news is it is getting less intense and I am able to again sleep in positions I haven't been able to even last week. This is positive progress and I am so thankful.

I still have a tumor up against my bowel which is still causing an obstruction. As a result I'm still on a liquid/soft food diet. Oh how I would love to bite into a good hamburger!!  

Other than the pain from the dissolving tumors and the fatigue, I'm really doing well and feeling well. I'm able to work a few hours a week and anyone who knows me knows how much I love to walk. Yesterday, I was able to walk around my block for the first time in weeks. God is so good to me!  I have wonderful support from my husband, family and friends. Even my sisters are flying in at different times to be with me. I am so thankful for everyone who has contributed to my medical care and prayers. Your prayers are helping me to have the strength to push through. 

I also wanted to let you know that the campaign is actually fully funded. Many people just sent me checks directly and direct deposited into my checking account and there is no way to update the numbers to reflect that. We have enough to also cover my next trip in May. May 11th we go back for 8 days and I will get another detox, IV immunotherapy, hydrotherapy and ozone therapy.  I will also get several days of IV C, K, B17. 

I don't know if this was to much information or not enough. So if you have any questions, any at all please feel free to text me or respond via the GSG account.

I love you all and I am overwhelmed with thankfulness for your support.

God Bless,



Those of you who know Lori are aware of her Colon Cancer diagnosis in 2021.

In May of 2022 she finished her final round of Chemo and was believed to be in remission as of July of 2022 after a final surgery. 

In May she was dealing with some stomach issues but was told by her doctors that based on bloodwork and cancer markers that it had no correlation to her previous diagnosis. These stomach pains continued and progressively worsened. Lori was referred to a gastroenterologist who thought the symptoms she was experiencing were connected to her gallbladder. After ruling out her gallbladder they looked to her kidneys for stones or anything else that could explain her intense pain. Nothing. So her doctor ordered a CT scan where she was then referred back to her oncologist. 

On December 29th, 2022 we received news that her cancer was back and had metastasized throughout her entire abdomen. We were given a Stage four Colon Cancer diagnosis. In order to better understand what we were up against and formulate a proper action plan another CT scan was ordered as well as genetic testing. 

On January 19, 2023 we were made aware from her oncologist that the second CT scan confirmed that the cancer had spread to her lungs. The genetic testing also came back positive for a specific mutation (BRAF) that unfortunately confirms that the diagnosis is extremely aggressive. (Though it does offer a few other treatment options) We had to face the harsh reality that this diagnosis is inoperable and incurable with a 12 month life expectancy if the cancer is responsive to treatment.

For those who do and do not know my mom she is the most selfless person I know. She currently spends two days a week volunteering at a women's pregnancy center. Her role there is to help give options and pray with girls who come in scared and pregnant. She spent her Christmas eve putting gift bags together for the homeless so that they would not be without on Christmas. Every Christmas she spends the morning feeding the homeless as well. For thanksgiving she was in Mexico making sure the people there either homeless or in severe poverty were not only given a Thanksgiving meal but love. And that's just what she's done in the last few months. 

Currently my brother Luke is serving our country in Iraq and will not be back until May. Our hope is that we can get her the proper care and treatment to give her as much time as possible with all of us back together as a family. Our Prayer is to surpass the 12 month expectancy. 

Unfortunately insurance does not cover everything and there are some treatment options that have extremely successful results that she would like to explore. But money is an obstacle, so as her family we are asking that you pray about it. If you feel led to give in any way whether that be financial or in prayer you do so here, either in the comments to inspire hope in her or a financial donation. 

However it is that you decide to contribute, myself and my entire family thanks you.

-Michelle Boyter-Harville


Update From My Mom
February 11, 2023
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Firstly, I want to thank you all for you generous support. I’ve had so many messages, cards and prayers. It’s truly humbling. But it’s time to give you an update on this journey.

Being told 2 days before Christmas that not only had the cancer returned, but that there are tumors all over my abdomen, and that it’s very aggressive is not the Christmas present I was hoping for. You can imagine the shock.

Without boring you with the details I went from one oncologist telling me I had another telling me I had 3 years to a week later another telling me I had 1 year-18 months at best. Then another week later I was hospitalized with a bowel obstruction. This is because of a tumor that is pressing against my bowel pinching it almost closed. They told me that I was starving to death and had maybe 3 weeks left to live!!! All the Doctors kept telling me that the situation was urgent, but no one was moving with any urgency at all. Even my insurance BCBSTX was denying tests and treatments left and right. It was very discouraging and very frustrating. Because of how many tumors there where they were it was also inoperable.

After being told that the cancer was back and very aggressive it took me a few days to process the information and I came to this conclusion. I had 2 choices. I can believe what the doctors were telling me and live in fear, or I could believe what God was telling me. The fact is I do have cancer but the truth is Jesus is the great physician.

Psalm 30:2 - “O Lord my God, I cried unto thee, and thou hast healed me”

Psalm 103:1-3 – “Bless the Lord O my soul; and all that is within me, bless His holy name! Bless the Lord, O my soul and forget not all His benefits. Who forgives all your (my) iniquities. Who heals all your (my) diseases”

I Peter 2:24 – “Who his own self bare our sins in his own body on the tree, that we, being dead to sins, should live unto righteousness: By Whose stripes ye (I) were healed.”

I have decided not to let the enemy get me to doubt God’s word like he did to Eve (See Gen 2:15-17 and Gen 3:1-7) I have chosen to claim and believe that God told the truth and I have faith in his word to move this mountain in my life.

As we prayed and sought Gods guidance, he led me to a place called Oasis of Hope in Tijuana Mexico. (Thank you Jean Loper ) Check it out: oasisofhope.com. I encourage you to watch the 700-club featured video on there.

I sent my records and within 48 hours we had a treatment plan and a date to arrive. On Thursday, Jan 26th we arrived at Oasis of Hope. I can’t find the words to tell you how wonderful this place is. Your financial support has helped make it happen.

They have been around for 60 years, and their success rate is over the top better than anyplace in the USA. The standard of care in the USA is to treat the tumor. In doing so the rest of the body and immune system get depleted. This place treats the whole body, Soul and Spirit. When I was told by my oncologist the chemo they were going to put me on and all the side effects it did not sit well with my mind and heart. I would not be able to handle, eat or drink anything colder than room temperature for the rest of my life or I would have severe neuropathy. I would get mouth sores and nausea, fatigue, as well as potential abdominal bleeding. And those are just a few of the main symptoms. Although, I would get to keep my hair! HAHA

Like I said I don’t know how to convey the amazing place this is. Everyone here has their role and are committed to doing everything they can to see us get healed.

Here is amazing thing to share. When we sat down with our doctors here and looked over the CT scan they all have said the same thing. “There is nothing immediately life threatening about my tumors!” What a relief this was to hear. It’s not affecting any of my vital organs.

Every day is praise and worship in the treatment room. After that there is an information meeting on a topic related to our care. On Monday we meet the team, Tuesday we learn about how vital nutrition is to our success, We’d we learn about this alternative car treatment, Thursday we have an emotional healing session and on Friday’s we learn about our home care therapy and follow-up. The treatment involves 9 days of IV Vitamin C, K and B17. Eight ozone treatments and two Hypertherapy treatments (they even throw in 3 massages!) This therapy is to attack the tumors and weaken them so the real attack can happen. This week I have begun my LAK (Lymphocyte Activated killer cells treatment) and my Dendritic Cell vaccines (2). The way it was explained to me is the LAK are the “soldiers” and the Dendritic Cell vaccine are the generals that tell the soldiers where to go. You see, cancer is invisible to our immune system. That is why it can go undetected for so long. They have secret cloak that needs to be removed in order for our immune system to fight it. Everything they do here is to get our immune system stronger and able to recognize and identify the cancer and kill it.

Because it is turning on my immune system there is a lot of discomfort. It puts my body into an inflammatory state which does cause a lot of discomfort and pain. But it’s a good pain because it means the tumors are under attack. I’m thankful that the pain can be managed with meds. I am still on a limited soft food diet because of the tumor pushing against my bowels, but that should improve as the tumors shrink.

We have about 5 more days here and then we go home and continue our at home treatment for 3 months. At that point we will come back for 10 days and bring scans and do additional treatment. The Doctor yesterday said that it’s not unusual for there to be complete success after the 3 months. That’s what I’m claiming!!!

Again, thank you all for your support. I know you can’ tell from the “Give, Send, Go” page but we have met out goal and actually exceeded it. We have enough to complete this whole treatment and come back in 3 months for 10 days. Thank you from the depth of my heart for your support. Words fall short of the appreciation I have for each one of you.

- Lori Boyter

My mom comes home next week. Her journey to healing is far from over. But what I can say is that before she left for Mexico we were given solutions with no hope. It was like watching someone you love bleeding out and instead of putting a tourniquet on it or taking her into surgery to stop the bleeding you watch a doctor after doctor give her a Band-Aid and say..."sorry this is going to kill you but the bandage will cover it for a little while." Oasis of hope as been just that... It offered her and our family a solution WITH hope. Which in my opinion was the only actual offered solution here. My mom has bad days and she has good days, her pain is not gone she struggles with it daily. BUT there is hope. 

Darkness is the absence of light. When you're in a completely dark cave and shine a light it is still impossible to see anything around you. This is because light reflects. The more light you bring into the darkness the more reflection and the more light reflecting the brighter the room. This is why God calls us to community and fellowship. I want to thank you all for being a light in the darkness and helping her get time back. I want to thank you all for giving my brother the time to come home from deployment. I want to thank you all for giving my son, Noah , more time with his nana and my brother and I more time with our mom. I will be honest, there were times thought this all where my hope was gone. I think everyone in our family including my mom has felt that to some degree during these last couple of months. But not anymore, and that's thanks to you all and God. 

Anyways, I will continue to update throughout this journey.

We ask that you continue to pray for healing. 

Thank you ,

Michelle Boyter-Harville 


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