Hello Friends and Family,

My family and I moved to Romania in the Spring of 2017, as missionaries.  Being in a foreign country, away from my beloved family, has had the greatest impact on my life to draw me closer to the Lord.  God has taught me so much through online English sermons, my large collection of devotional books, and most of all, through being encouraged by my parents to have a daily morning devotions.
Through much prayer, God gave me peace about sharing the words He placed in my heart, with the world.  In the Fall of 2017, I started a devotional blog, intending to simply share encouraging posts about what I had learned from a simple concept or passage in Scripture.  I sent it to my friends and family, and continued to update it with a small article every month or so.  Everyone seemed to be encouraged and the Lord used it to be a blessing to many, but more than anything, to me.  It seemed that everything I wrote, I was the one who needed it the most!  God is so good to use me, a young person, who struggles with things every day, just like any ordinary person.

In October of 2021, I received notice that my website was going to be closed down if I did not pay the monthly fee of $13 a month.  I really felt like God was closing the door of the blog, and opening the door of possibly publishing it as a devotional book.
Over the years of traveling on deputation and coming from a large home church, I have made many friends, many of which are elderly people who don't know the first thing about technology or how to pull up a blog, so the thought of being able to share what God has placed in my heart, with them, thrills my soul!  Previously, my mom designed a Shutterfly book with my blog articles in, and we gave them as gifts to a few people, but just as any photo book the price was pretty steep, so the thought of many people having this book available to buy for only about $10, is the better option, as it would be available to a wider spread of people.

I've contacted some publishers, and God has opened the door with Christian Faith Publishing, as they have accepted the manuscript for this devotional book!  Praise the Lord!
Once I sign the publishing contract, they take care of everything from the cover design to the marketing and distributing.
I will need to make a down payment of $595, and then 10 monthly payments of $295.
Once the book is published, they will sell it for $9.95 and I will receive $4.45 from each book sold.
This would be a total cost of $3,500 for publishing the book.  I do not have this kind of money, since I am saving for my move back to the states in March, but God has opened this door with the book, so I have complete trust that He will provide the money in His perfect timing!

God has been extremely and graciously good to me, not only in my almost 18 years of life He's given me, but simply within this year!  He has opened so many doors, but also closed some.
Let this be an encouragement to you, that where God guides, He provides, and just like the Israelites were faced with the fear of the enemy behind them and the Red Sea before them, God parted the waters and drowned their enemies!  Our God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think...He only asks us to trust Him.

If God lays it on your heart to be a part of this fundraiser through prayer or giving, thank you from the very bottom of my heart!  May God bless you greatly for all your prayers and support!

James 5:16 "...The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much."

Love in Christ,
Abigail Nispel

P.S. - This fundraiser is in my mom's name (Lisa Nispel) because I am not quite 18 years old.  ;)