Little Bay Primary, a rural school in Westmoreland Jamaica has launched a fundraising campaign to expand its animal farm. The school has been practicing sustainable agriculture to feed their students since 2018. Mr. King and the staff at Little Bay Primary had been buying and raising chickens to greatly reduce the costs of providing nourishment for the students.

The global disruptions caused by the 2020 pandemic has severely reduced financial, and other resources, hindering progress. In order to become self-reliant, Mr. King’s goal is to have their farm become self-sustaining and thereby provide their community with food security.

The fundraising campaign, organized by Michele Guy, aims to raise a total of USD $14,700 to allow Mr. Keron King, the Principal of Little Bay Primary to purchase enough chicks, feed, and material to expand the chicken coops so the school can feed the students, as well as sell the remaining chickens to generate revenue to purchase the next round of chicks. Futhermore, Mr. King is now adding goats, and pigs to the farm to create more protein for the children.

According to USAID, food security is defined as having physical and economic access to enough food to satisfy dietary needs, thereby leading to a healthy and productive life. Sustainable agriculture is vital in ensuring that goals for food security are met and maintained.

The school is in a rural fishing village that is underfunded and underdeveloped. With the closing of the school in March of 2020 due to the pandemic, Little Bay Primary School gained international media coverage when Mr. King started using bike taxis to deliver schoolwork to his students. With the children back in school since January 2021, there is now the new challenge of feeding them, and with only limited resources. The school provides 186 students with lunch and breakfast; however, the Ministry of Education provides only $14 USD daily total to the school for their meals. 

Your donations will allow Mr. King to realize his dream of transforming the farm into a self-sustaining model and providing food security for his students.

Donors can receive tax deducible donations through Cornerstone Jamaica. Please contact Michele Guy, the ensure that your donations are applied to this project.

On why she started this fundraiser, Michele said: “My father is 89 years old, and he cried when I told him of this project. The thought of advancing children's education and self reliance has been his life-long endeavor. This project is also in honor of my Grandfather, William Hanley Guy, who was raised in Little Bay.