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Lisa Rae Emerson

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Many know Lisa personally and others from a simple yet rewarding online connection. Whatever the case may be, Lisa is sure to make an impact on your life with her simple, wise and unshakeable faith.
A living testament of the Love our Father shows us and extends to all who would come, is evident in the kindness and love so many receive from Lisa!

We are to bear the burdens of our brothers and sisters in Christ. Let us bear the burden Lisa is facing now and extend our love and kindness back to her. You can read part of her journey below.
We that know her (even in part) and love her , ask for your kind contributions no matter how great or small to help her and her family alleviate stress and worry so she can do her part to heal, while our Heavenly Father does His. More than anything we ask you to join with us, agreeing and committing to her healing with your sincere and persistent prayers.

Beautifully written by: Tim Hill- a faithful brother and friend in Christ

Galatians 6:2 “Carry each other’s burdens, in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ”.

Lisa’s Story:

My name is Lisa Rae Emerson and I am a 59-year-old mother and grandmother who lives by myself in a small town in northwest Ohio. Around the middle of last year I began suffering from a continuous ear ache and sore throat, which was about the same time my mom went into the hospital. When she passed away in August 2017, my health began to decline more rapidly. It felt like I had something in my throat, on the right side of my voice box. In fact, the right side of my throat didn't seem to work like it should. It always felt as though there was something in there and my throat wasn't opening and closing properly.

The Journey Begins:
I wanted to share my journey through diagnosis and treatment over the past year.
At the time when my mom got sick and went into the hospital, I hadn't thought much about myself and how I was feeling. But then it got so bad I decided I needed to go to my family doctor, who referred me to an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist. The ENT would order a CT scan with contrast dye in order to determine if there were any tumors, their size, shape, and where they were located. In addition, they would be able to determine if the tumor(s) were in my lymph nodes. He said once found, they would determine the next step and it would most likely be surgery, then chemo and/or radiation.
My doctor told me this was an urgent situation and he wanted to begin immediately but he was unable to make the arrangements for a CT scan by the following Monday. He wants to put a Tracheostomy tube in my throat, but I am scared about what will happen to my voice box and I don't really want a Tracheostomy.
I don't know if I should pray that God would dissolve this or that it would be something simple that can be treated without a trach or touching my voice box. I am scared -- I don't want a trach.

I don’t know what kind of cancer I have, I just know it is cancer. After a biopsy, they could not give me a diagnosis in regards to what stage I was in, however my doctor was a cancer doctor and he said it is cancer and wanted me to go to James (hospital) in Columbus. I did not go. For the first time, I am not sure how to pray. I am used to praying for others but not for myself.

December 2017: Fear or Faith
The diagnosis is Stage 3 laryngeal cancer. Tests found two tumors in my throat - one is in a lymph node, and one is right beside my voice box and pressing on it. After lots of investigating and much prayer, I felt lead by the Lord to seek alternative treatments. Under the care of a nutritional therapist, who has helped many other cancer patients, I started using supplements to cleanse and detoxify the body systems and to build my immune system. I totally changed what I put in my body -- organic whole foods, a strictly plant-based diet, with the addition of essiac tea, other medicinal teas, and essential oils.

January 2018: A New Year, A New Approach
I began doing a cleanse as instructed by a nutritional therapist, who has me taking a lot of supplements and parsley juice. Starting off with the cleanse is to get rid of any parasites that I may have. After beginning the cleanse, I had to stop for a time because I was not getting enough organic food, which causes my blood sugar to drop and results in the shakes. I have to eat so I am going to try reaching out to folks at cancer tutor and see if they can help me figure out a program.

February 2018: Frankincense – Gift of the Magi
The nutritional therapist sent me a drink to take every morning and told me to get frankincense essential oil. I am to put a drop on my finger then hold it to the roof of my mouth for ten minutes. After that, the instructions are to place a drop under my tongue – twice a day.
Eating raw vegetables and juices is what I am gathering for food -- no meat, no animal products at all. Period. And I have tons of supplements to take. Now I am finding out about how different essential oils help in different ways.

February 2018: Keeping the Faith
I am a bit overwhelmed with it all -- not sure what to use nor how to go completely plant-based, organic, no sugar, no processed foods. Trying to learn so much new stuff. Not letting my faith waiver in the process. Figuring it all out and then keeping up with life is a challenge. I feel like I am not getting any encouragement for going this way instead of surgery, chemo and radiation

March 2018: Is It Okay to Reach Out for Help?
Things have changed in my condition and I need to add even more to my protocol. Of course, to do so I need to ask for help. Is it still okay if I ask in our Facebook group and those who want to help, can help? Of the essential oils I have been taking, I need to add lemon grass, lemon, pine needle - 10 drops of each 3x a day. In addition, I am to add something called barley max, dim and another product. I need to ask the nutritional therapist where to get these.

March 2018: Gimme a Break
Oh my! The hospital just called and I have a lesion in my brain now and a aneurysm –
I feel so overwhelmed!!

Now it’s the 15th and the cancer hospital called me three times – just today. They want me to go back to Columbus on Monday for two more cat scans. Plus, they sent me emails and I was on phone all day with them! I just want one day that isn’t about this cancer and me dying if I don’t do surgery now.

The carrots and veggies I will get, but I have to buy the carrots in 5 lb bags and 50 lbs at a time. For the cilantro and parsley, I get 14 bunches at a time. Cucumbers, I am getting 124 at a time. I’m not sure why so much, unless it is because of the size of my throat opening, breathing being affected, and trying to make a difference now -- not weeks from now.
I have to trust someone because I know so little and I have to do something that works quickly -- not a year from now. I pray she is as good as I have been told she is by others. And she is a believer, so I am believing.

March 2018: Agreeing to Surgery but Losing My Best Friend
Less than a week has gone by and I have just told my daughter how bad these tumors have gotten. I can no longer lie down and I have to sleep sitting up on my couch -trouble breathing. The cancer doctor called today and I agreed to the surgery. He wants me to do the chemo and radiation, but I have not given an answer on that yet. I will have a trach, but at least I will be able to breathe. And they will be removing tumors so that should help.

I was supposed to see the neurologist today but the snow storm stopped that, so I meet with all the doctors on April 4th and will know what’s what for surgery and brain aneurysm. I will be using all supplements either before surgery or after to try to get my health back.

Thanking everyone for their support! Please keep continued prayers for me. I have a lot to do here before surgery and I have to get rid of my dog because there can’t be any hair in the trach.

Praying about the chemo and radiation treatments - I do not want to do it. I am wondering if, after surgery, I could just do the natural program then – instead of chemo and radiation -- and if it will work. I sent the nutritional therapist a note to ask if I can continue the program after surgery and get rid of any lingering cancer. If so, then I won’t do the treatments.

April 2018: Take This Cup, Lord
Thanking those for the all the help and I saying a special prayer for them.
A Dear friend is ordering dandelion root for me – I can use it for tea. Asking for help in how to use x5-strength CBD oil. Later this week I hope to fill everyone in about several trips to Columbus for more testing to see if I will make it through a six-hour surgery.

Oh Father, please heal me so I don’t even have to do the surgery and this can all be for nothing!

August 24, 2018: Failing the Test
I failed the stress test with the cardiologist and the cancer surgery is now on hold. There is a whole section of my heart that is not getting enough blood. I have to have a heart catheterization to find out why. My heart doctor says I am in line for the procedure, but it is not scheduled until September 10th ( Tracheostomy and biopsy are scheduled for August 30th at James Cancer Hospital, Ohio State University). Seems to me it should be done right away. My cancer doctor called and says he is trying to talk to my heart doctor and that the heart catheterization needs to be done ASAP.

So, I am waiting for a call back from Columbus.....please pray for this situation.

August 27, 2018: Change of Plans
Okay – here’s the update: This morning I received a call from my cancer doctor in Columbus. He spoke to my heart doctor, who told him no eight-plus-hour surgery – PERIOD - I would not survive it.
So, my cancer doctor had to change his plans. As of this morning, I am to have a temporary Tracheostomy put in Friday to protect my airway. I will be in hospital for four days then, at some point, I will do chemo and radiation to fight the cancer.
So please pray for me regarding the surgeries and the treatment - thank you!

August 30, 2018: God’s Got This!
Another update I have to be at James Cancer Hospital at 5:15 a.m. for the 7:15 surgery. They are doing a trach and another biopsy. Please hold me in your prayers.

August 31, 2018: A Good Report
This is Stephanie, Lisa’s daughter, and I just wanted to tell all of her friends and family that she is doing good and that we are just waiting on a permanent room for the next 3-5 days for her. Thank you for all the prayers and keep them coming because she is going to need it more than ever.

September 2 - 4 , 2018: Keep Up the Pressure and the Prayers
From Stephanie- Update on my mom:
She has a low grade fever today (September 2nd). They did chest x-rays and drew blood to find out what infection she has.
Need prayer - blood pressure keeps dropping (September 4th). They are trying to get ice started to get fluids in to bring up pressure, but they have not been able to do so. Every single one has blown, so they are doing one via ultra sound.

September 5, 2018: Thankful To Be Going Home Today
Today I get to go home. I will be so glad. My arms look awful from bad blood draws. I can breathe different than normal breathing but breathing - thank you Father for the gift of air! If the good Lord is willing and I get healed of this cancer they may be able to reverse this thing ( Tracheostomy ). And I want to thank everyone who has been praying every step of the way. And those of you who got desperate calls to pray when I was struggling to get any air in - thank you. You always prayed me through it. That means more then I can ever say.

I also want to thank my Sister-friend Madeline, who brought me to Columbus - God bless her! Madeline stayed here with me the whole time so I would not be alone so far from home. I can honestly say so much has happened spiritually, as well as physically, that neither of us will be the same. I am tired and weak but in time -- in time.

I will never fail to thank God for all he has done!

March 12, 2020: Update On Lisa

I was doing therapy and had a recent scan that showed that I had developed two tumors. Since then, I have had to stop the therapy because doctors said it could make things worse with the updated diagnosis. I am still paying off the vest that was used for therapy. Later I had a biopsy that showed there was actually a third tumor. At this point, I am not able to use a holistic approach, so I am trying Keytruda which may or may not make the situation better. This is currently my only option and only has a 20 percent chance of working. At this time, I am just taking it one day at a time and thanking God for the days He has given me. I am very thankful for everyone who has helped me in this journey and wanted to let everyone know that all monetary donations will be used towards final expenses now. I appreciate all of the prayers and support you have given me and I am prayerfully seeking God for all answers during this hard time.

Lisa’s Story is a compilation of  what she has shared with myself, her family and friends via FB, texts & conversations.
Thank you to Carol Huntington for putting Lisa's story together. You are such a blessing in our lives!


Michelle Walcott

2018-09-09 13:37:48

Continued Love & Prayers to my beautiful sister Lisa Rae.

Carol Huntington

2018-09-10 11:26:42

We love you, Lisa!

Debra A Ludington

2018-09-13 00:42:58

Galatians 6:10 (TLV) Therefore, whenever we have an opportunity, let us do good toward all—especially those who belong to the household of faith. <3

Rachael Doonar

2018-09-26 20:57:59

Lisa the Love God gives me in my heart I share now with you and your family. During this trial rest in the surety you are indeed loved by FATHER and by us your eternal spiritual family. Be well dear Sister.


2018-09-27 12:48:13

God is with Lisa, even though we can not be. " I will never leave you nor forsake you". We love you, Lisa!

Debra Ludington

2018-10-08 18:16:21

Philippians 2:3-5 (TLV) 3 Do nothing out of selfishness or conceit, but with humility consider others as more important than yourselves, 4 looking out not only for your own interests but also for the interests of others. 5 Have this attitude in yourselves, which also was in Messiah Yeshua, <3

Michelle Walcott

2018-10-09 01:30:55

The LORD is my rock, and my fortress, and my deliverer; my God, my strength, in whom I will trust; my buckler, and the horn of my salvation, and my high tower. Psalm 18:2

Chris Walz

2018-10-10 02:29:53

Lisa, I am praying that you will have a complete healing in Jesus' name. God bless you, and God bless Michelle for being so dedicated and obedient to Him.

Michelle Walcott

2018-10-31 11:00:47

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, for those who are called according to his purpose. For whom he foreknew, he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brothers.Whom he predestined, those he also called. Whom he called, those he also justified. Whom he justified, those he also glorified. Romans 8:28-30


2018-11-24 15:00:30

Praying for you Lisa!


2018-12-09 17:30:29

God Bless and Keep You Lisa!

Debra Ludington

2018-12-12 02:56:57

Proverbs 21:13 Whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor will himself call out and not be answered. Lisa, continually praying for your complete healing and also that other followers of Yahshua will OPEN their ears ❤ ❤ ❤ Blessings & love precious sister!


2018-12-14 14:12:52

Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you. Deut. 16:17


2019-01-12 18:56:59

We love you, Lisa! Believing in His good report! XOXOXOXOXO


2019-02-13 12:08:06

Praying for you & believing for healing in mind, body & soul. Love you my precious sister in Christ!


2019-02-13 15:35:02

Get well Lisa. God bless you. - Iwan

Michelle Walcott

2019-05-22 10:17:09

Blessed is the soul who puts their trust in the Lord, Yeshua HaMashiach

Update #18
September 30, 2019, 6:49 am
facebook twitter

September 11 at 4:05 PM

Just got back from columbus. The good news is no evidence of cancer. There has been some healing in my throat. They can see nice new tissue.
There is still swelling and scarring and my doctor said that I may have to keep the trac and feeding tube in.
I told my doctor, " My God just may have other plans and if not I can live with this stuff if I have to.

It was a  blessed day and I am so very thankful to my Lord and savior!!!
There is still a way to go for healing but I will take every little piece of good news there is.
I go back to the doctor on December 6th. He says that I really need to get those compression garments.

Thank you all for your support and prayers.

PS. Sorry for the late update! computer issues...
Michelle W

Update #17
July 30, 2019, 7:16 am
facebook twitter

This new piece of equipment  is what I need now  that my insurance does not pay for. In the state of Ohio it is $3800 for used $5500 for new.
I will wear this most of the time and then be on the pump for prescribed times for day and night.

This is the piece of equipment I need that my insurance does not pay for in the state of Ohio it is 3800 for used 5500 for new I will wear this most of the time and then be on the pump for prescribed times for day and night.

Below is taken from the website of the Company that sales the Head and Neck device:

The Flexitouch system is an advanced intermittent pneumatic compression device (lymphedema pump) used by tens of thousands of patients to self-manage lymphedema and nonhealing venous leg ulcers.
Tactile Medical

Update #16
July 30, 2019, 6:53 am
facebook twitter

Thank you for your support & prayers. As of July 24th, Lisa was able to get the much needed mask for  her  head and chest.

Please continue to prayer for her recovery & healing.

Thank you & God Bless You Abundantly!


Update #15 July 17 2019
July 17, 2019, 6:32 am
facebook twitter

Update from Lisa Rae:
The bills are rolling in and they are wanting me to get that mask for head and chest. This costs $800.00 and  my insurance doesn't cover this. This is something that I really need right now.
I go to see my cancer doctors in Findlay  next month  and in September I will go to Columbus. I  am still on feeding tube and trac.

Thank you for your prayers and financal assistance for Lisa

God Bless You Abundantly!!!


Update #14
June 3, 2019, 6:34 am
facebook twitter

Thursday May 24, 2019- From Lisa Rae:

I got my pet scan Tuesday, went to cancer doctors today. Both of the cancer doctors who did my treatments in Findlay are believers. now when I got to them the doctor in Columbus had already done the trac and my heart dr had told him no surgery. So I started theses treatments with what doctor in Columbus called stage 3/4 and it had spread and was continuing to spread through out my neck. I had been trying for almost a year to fight it using nutrition supplements ect... but it was not doing any good.

I could only do liquids for a while and was literally having to have people pray for me so I could breath. Now in all fairness I did not ask for help with supplements ect... for a long time I was trying to do it buy myself and I would have to pick and choose every month what to do and what to let go. Most people have their tumors taken out then fight the cancer. I could not do that.

In all honesty the odds were against me because of my health. I have heart failure and my heart had gotten worse during this time as well.The doctors all were honest about it, but I told my doctors in Findlay, I know but I got God on my side so both of them wanted to know about my faith how strong it was ect. They truly felt it was going to take a move of God to beat this.

 Today I was told all cancer is gone but one little spot and they said it could be dying just not dead yet. the first doctor who is the one who gave me the report said they will have to keep an eye on it. in case. He then told me again how strong I was and how this is not the outcome they thought they were going to have to deal with. He was so moved he had tears flowing.

After this I had to go do blood work then see my 2nd doctor. the one that did my chemo treatments. He came in and said did you get the report and I said yes and He was quit happy and again he warned me that if this spot is chemo there are no more treatment options and I said that's OK Gods taking care of this it will be dead. He said, that's what they are praying for and again he said this is way better then they thought they would be facing with me and how it was a blessing for them to see God get me through each hurtle.

I thank you for all of your prayers from the beginning I thank you for the books and the tapes and the help money wise. I am so very thankful to be alive and healing slowly. It's not over still, got a way to go but with out you all praying for me, I wouldn't even be here. So Thank you!

March 19, 2019
March 26, 2019, 6:59 am
facebook twitter


I am Still having problem with fluids in lymph nodes. My cancer Dr wants to see me Thursday morning. I went to Dr at Ohio state and now I am back to 100 percent tube feed. Now everything is going to lungs so its nothing by mouth. I am starting to feel better. Does anyone know where I can get liquid vitamins? My pet scan is April 7th . Will know then if cancer is gone.
Next week I go to a cancer place in Lima and start getting therapy for the lymphedema.

Update #12
January 28, 2019, 7:18 am
facebook twitter

Brief update from Lisa on January 21, 2019


I have been fighting nausesness for a few weeks now.
I am down to 2 tube feedings trying to work my way
back up so I can get enough nutrition to heal.I am
Still cold all the time, wth some body aches &
weakness every day.

I am able to read and do my devotions,
but I am unable to any indepth bible studies
right now because I can't keep it all straight
in my head although I am trying.


I try to eat some kind of real food but it all
still tastes like chemicals or spoiled
sometimes like metal. I can get down yogurt
puddings etc still no potatoes.
Yesterday I made some sauerkraut and was able to eat it.

I will have a scan in 3 months to determine
if the tumors are gone or not.The doctor says they
have done all they can do for me. It's all in His
hands were its always been.

Trusting in Him for healing and restoration.

Thank you all for your prayers and support,
I can not tell you exactly how much it means to me!

I do not know what you would have done without you beside me.

Thank you,
Lisa Rae

Update #11 Friday January 11, 2019
January 12, 2019, 6:26 am
facebook twitter

I haven't really been on FB much trying to rest and heal and find my new routine my new normal for now trying to get caught up with devotions etc

(Update from Lisa via Facebook. )

Update #10 Friday January 4, 2019
January 4, 2019, 7:21 am
facebook twitter

Today is my last radiation treatment..... Yeah!!!!!

In 3 months, which scares when I find out if the cancer is gone or not. Please pray and believe with me that it is gone!
Then again in  1 year, I will be rechecked.  I have to keep the  Trac and feeding tube for a year, yuck :( 
My burns will take awhile to heal I am told.I got chest x-ray  yesterday to check for pneumonia.
It is going to take a bit to get my immunity built back up again.


Thank you all for your support and prayers!  it is a tremendous blessing to me.

Update #9 December 15, 2018
December 19, 2018, 6:37 am
facebook twitter


I am home Praise Yah I am home. I go back Monday to see the doctors at the cancer clinic. I needed to be in the hospital so they could do for me what needed to be done, but it feels wonderful to be home.

I am very thankful for the doctor's that took care of me, they did a great job treating me and have a great plan for my release. There were others who tried messing it up but praise God it didn't work! My doctor was smarter then they thought, and he took care of me.

I am thankful to my best friend Madelene. She took me to the hospital and got me some beautiful flowers while I was in there. She came and got me and brought me home and bless her heart was going to take time out from her busy day and sit with me till Steph got home. But I let her know real quick she didn't have to do that, because  she had done enough by bringing me home and by taking me for treatments she didn't need to sit with me too.

Update #8 Frustrations 12/9/2018
December 11, 2018, 5:50 pm
facebook twitter

Very frustrated with Northwest Ohio medical equipment in Findlay Ohio 429-423-9721. On November the 29th after treatment Madeline and I stopped out there to get my tube feeding supplies. The lady taking care of me in the store was Gina.she told me I could pick it up since I was there I said ok thank you. We drove around back waited about 10 -15 minutes then I was given a box and a bag and told they only had 19 containers of Isosource and they would ship me the rest we thanked them and left.

Nothing  ever came. I had my daughter Stephanie call them she had to leave a message. I have not heard anything from them and I  still have no food. Now here it is 20 days later still no food. When I call today I get an answering service  and spoke with a lady whose name was Michelle I believe. She tells me there is nothing in my file about me not getting my food. That she will have to talk to Gina tomorrow and they will let me know. Mean while I sit here with no food.

 I got variety of instant breakfast, but I can not afford to buy 6 or more of those every day for long. Financially it is quite a struggle for me as I am on a fixed income. I t is costing me about $ 80 per week just to purchase napkins to cough in, puffs to constantly keep my nose from dripping and  hydrogen peroxide to clean Trac 10 times a day plus pipe cleaners to dry Trac 10 times a day . $100 a month on brushes to clean Trac or more and try to pay bills on 700 a month .

I am exctememly greatful to those who have donated to help me out so far. Without your financial help & most of all your prayers, I am not sure how I would be able to get through this.
I know the Lord is watching out over me and He is always faithful to provide through those of you who are obedient to His leading to help others where you are able.

God Bless you abundantly above all you could think or ask!

Lisa Rae

Update #7 From Lisa 11-19-2018
November 24, 2018, 9:58 am
facebook twitter

Update from Lisa:

I am holding on to him and his word believing for healing. At least one of my tumors are shrinking!
I am praying for healthy tissue to replace dead tissue in my throat so that I will in the end be able to get rid of trac and feeding tube.

I am on sticktly tube feedings now and  it has become difficult because my Insurance will only pay for once a day of cleaning, but mine gets clogged so I have to clean more often due to thick secretions. It is generally 5-6 times per day and the expenses are a lot more now for me so it has become difficult to pay for all that is needed.

I am taking musinex every four hours trying to thin it but it's not working to good. Water helps to thin it  but, I can only do so in the feeding tube, so no real help there.

I have sores in my mouth and throat that bleed. I am using prescription mouth wash every four hours trying to heal them.
I have finished five weeks of treatment, three weeks to go praying for total healing and restoration.

I am starting week # 6 of treatments.

Thank you for all your prayers and financial support for Lisa Rae ! She can not do this without your help simply because  she is not financially able to do so.

Your help means more than you know!

May God Bless You Abundantly!

Michelle Walcott



Update #6 From Lisa Rae 11-9-2018
November 24, 2018, 9:50 am
facebook twitter

It is Friday, the  last day of treatment this week. My mouth and throat are very sore.

Thank you for prayers & financial support, they mean so much!


October 28th, 2018
October 31, 2018, 6:53 am
facebook twitter

Update from Lisa Rae:

I have completed two weeks of seven that are schedualed for radiation and chemo therapy.
Please continue your prayers. Pray for healing and the blocking of side effects etc.
Thank the Lord for all he has done.


A heart felt thank you to those of you who are praying and helping Lisa out financially.
We trust our God knowing that He works all things to our good. He remains true to His word!
He is Faithful....    Amen!

Michelle Walcott


Update #4 Sunday October 21, 2018
October 22, 2018, 7:00 am
facebook twitter

From Lisa Rae.....

I have made it through my first week of chemo and radoration tired and adjusting.
I feel funny in my head is the only way I know to discribe it.

Update #3 from Lisa Rae October 4th, 2018
October 8, 2018, 9:14 pm
facebook twitter

On Wednesday October 10th, They will be putting in  my feeding tube and port. This will be done at Blanchard valley in Findlay Ohio I have to be there at 7, my surgery is at 7:40 am.

Update #2 From Lisa Rae- Oct 1, 2018
October 8, 2018, 9:09 pm
facebook twitter


I will be getting treatment in Findlay Ohio for my cancer. My mask for radiation was made last week I got a little freaked out but made it through. They will not do chemo because the Dr who does it does not think I'd survive however they are giving me a drug iv once a week I will be able to tell you more about that later. Not sure when or if feeding tube is going to happen Dr's are afraid to treat me for somethings because of how bad my heart is . And things they normally do for other cancer patients, they do so with the person in a twilight state, but for me not for me, I have to be wide awake.

Update #1 From Lisa Rae Emmerson - September 18, 2018
September 23, 2018, 9:11 am
facebook twitter

Just wanted to update everyone, I found out yesterday September 17th, the cancer has now spread to lymph nodes on other side of my neck. And it is time for me to decide if I should  do chemo and radiation or not . In order to do this, there is only one doctor around here that treats any kind of head and neck cancer so I really do need to do my treatments in Columbus, Ohio. This isn't a common cancer and my team in Columbus just deals with head and neck cancer all day everyday. According to the National Cancer Institute, Head and neck cancers account for approximately 4% of all cancers in the United States.

This is ugly and painful there is swelling, open sites in my mouth and throat, lots of times burnt skin because tumors are so close to top of skin. Which causes open sites  and usually feeding tubes are needed. There is much more going on now with many  challenges ahead of me. I can be put up in a motel Monday through Friday which saves a two hour drive one way five days a week . But I still need someone to go with me to help me when I get weak and sick etc ....So far I have no one who can or will go with me. I thought if I did the first two weeks by myself then maybe I could get five people to volunteer to spend one week with me.

I think it is to much to go through totally alone . Any one want to volunteer a week ? Pray please cause I have to do this even if its alone.

Lisa Rae Emmerson September 18, 2018

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Get well Lisa. God bless you. - Iwan

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623 days ago

Praying for you & believing for healing in mind, body & soul. Love you my precious sister in Christ!

$ 100

Anonymous Donor

655 days ago

We love you, Lisa! Believing in His good report! XOXOXOXOXO

$ 100

Anonymous Donor

684 days ago

Every man shall give as he is able, according to the blessing of the LORD your God which He has given you. Deut. 16:17

$ 50

Debra Ludington

686 days ago

Proverbs 21:13 Whoever closes his ear to the cry of the poor will himself call out and not be answered. Lisa, continually praying for your complete healing and also that other followers of Yahshua will OPEN their ears ❤ ❤ ❤ Blessings & love precious sister!

$ 50

Anonymous Donor

689 days ago

God Bless and Keep You Lisa!

$ 50


689 days ago

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