God has blessed me with a platform to be a voice for Freedom! 

This incredible exposure has resulted in me being like a hub for other concerned citizens who are not willing to let our country be destroyed. We have become a central location for information all over the country that is supporting regular people in fighting to expose election corruption and fix it. Our Goal is to make certain Americans have faith in the security of their elections again.

This effort has come at great personal cost to me. There is no suffering as great as watching the land you love, that has given you so much, be wrecked by globalist uniparty communists. This is it. America is at an apex in our nation’s history, and we must not only be fearless, but we must also act courageously. God has always had His hand on us, He is bringing us all together for such a time as this.

We are standing not only in the public square by bringing our voices to you through FrankSpeech.com, your source for TRUTH news, but we are taking our fight to the courts. The globalists have used extremely expensive lawfare to shut regular Americans down and gaslight us into silence.

At Lindell Legal Offense Fund (LLOF), we have put together and extraordinary team of lawyers who will never stop finding ways to expose the election crimes perpetrated on us. We are currently engaged in several lawsuits throughout the country. As I am writing this, we are waiting for the Judge's ruling on our request to release Dennis Montgomery's critical testimony (www.dennismontgomery.com). Montgomery came on the scene when he declared that the US government was using his program to obtain information about American citizens illegally!  He even went so far as to request whistleblower protection when he realized his program was being used to interfere in US elections by none other than our own government. We must expose the criminals involved in the 2020 election fraud and all elections since.

The LLOF also defends people like Clerk Tina Peters of Mesa County, Colorado from political persecution. Clerk Peters exposed machine interference by electronic voting machines! 

I have vetted these efforts, lawsuits and projects. All funds raised by the Lindell Legal Offense Fund are used toward the most urgent causes at this time!

Will you stand with us as we continue to fight this absolutely necessary battle for the future of our country? 

If you've been waiting for a rainy day to get involved... well friends, it is pouring outside. 

God bless you and God bless America

Mike Lindell

Founder of the Lindel Legal Offense Fund