My church, Lighthouse Fellowship, supports Father’s Heart, a ministry in Athens, Greece, which helps Afghan refugees. Afghans are the most exiled people in the world and many go to Greece, the main access to Europe, seeking a new life.
Through various programs they provide clothes, food, medicine and any resources possible. In all their efforts the goal is to share the gospel with everyone they meet by word and deed.
As God sends us out, please consider what your role might be. First, you can pray for me and the team that God will guide our preparations and bless our efforts among these hurting people. You may also join us in helping this ministry by contributing financially.
Your donation will be tax deductible and any amount will be greatly appreciated. Whether you are able to help financially or not, I value your prayers for me and the team, that Christ will open the hearts and minds of these refugees to grasp His love and provision for them.