My personal story begins as a child who was raised, baptized and faithfully devoted to a certain sect of Christianity that shall remain unnamed. As a young adult on a promising path of righteousness I was working towards graduating high school with honors and heading to the college of my choice. The future looked bright.

In the second half of my junior year I was devastated with a twisted combination of trauma caused by leaders in my church and the untimely deaths of close family members & multiple loved ones. In the span of two years my faith and life were completely shattered. I turned my back on God and ran down the darkest path I could find as fast as I could. I spent over 10 years glued to my demons, whiskey & narcotics; living for nothing but the next fix. I must emphasize the extent and depth of my drug use and alcoholism during these years because the fact I didn't die every single day was truly a miracle; but I still refused the Lord.

9 years ago I was blessed with the only life boat that could save me... a beautiful, innocent and somehow perfectly healthy baby girl!! In that moment I recognized and acknowledged the miracle. I'd like to tell you my faith came back in that instant like a wave but I believe the Lord prefers to whisper to us. You see, an inkling of my faith & love of God came back when my daughter was born; but I had to open my heart, hit rock bottom and put in the work before I truly returned to the flock. 

With the responsibility of a child I was able to kick the drugs fairly easily, but I still held a bottle of alcohol in my hand 24/7 like the crutch it was. Spoiler Alert - Alcoholics drive drunk and this one totaled his SUV in a high speed roll over. Yet again I was bestowed one more miracle; by God's Grace & intervention alone did this sinner, his wife, and 4 year old daughter climb out that ball of wreckage unscathed.

That day I could not understand why we were spared... for the hundredth time I had escaped a death that by any rationale would have been justified. Even then it didn't feel like a blessing, I felt terrible. The Devil yelled in my ear that I deserved to die, made me question why was I spared when so many innocents are taken every day. How could that be a divine decision from a just or loving all powerful God?? I just couldn't see or understand it, but none the less against all odds there I was.

Then something else even more amazing happened to me that evening while sitting in the jail cell sobering up... out of no where His Divine Light stormed up inside of me, went off like an explosion and reignited my faith with the same force. All the peace, gratitude, humility & awe came in a full blaze burning inside me as I broke down overwhelmed with sloppy uncontrollable tears of emotion that I can't classify as happy or sad, just torrential. I could no longer deny his power or love. My soul was filled with all the love and truth I had known as a child and abundantly more.

This March will mark exactly 5 years since that night and the last time I ever touched a drop of alcohol. I'd like to tell you it was a nice easy journey after coming back to His embrace; but after an almost deadly detox I had a whole lot of repenting to do & penance to pay.

That's my history, if you'll spare me a few more minutes I want to tell you about my future. I finally understand why I am here today, why time and time again I was spared... I finally see God's plan for me; it's so clear I think he's streaming it to me in 4k :)

I'm here starting this Campaign, asking for your support & donations to help me realize my calling in service to Him. I've been working towards setting up and establishing a ministry to spread God's love, message and power through my personal story and experiences, while helping others over come and prevent falling into substance abuse.

Addiction is one of Satan's biggest tools and the devastation he wrecks with it has no bounds or limitations; it recognizes no social/economic class, race or boarder. The social stigma around drugs, as well as intentionally misleading & incorrect information being continually perpetuated to the public at large has made non-judgemental, educated discussions rare & very difficult. Our government's "War on Drugs" has been clearly long lost by all accounts and measurements. God's grace, forgiveness and eternal love is the only path to overcoming this deadly epidemic that affects each and every one of us.  We are losing soul after soul to poison being peddled by everyone from cartels to Budweiser. Death is being sold as a good time on every single street in America.

Establishing and chartering this small collective as an official ministry is the first step of a much larger picture & bigger mission. I foresee a multi-facet ministry with programs for support & treatment of substance abuse, a scientifically based early prevention & education program, transitional sober housing, temporary foster services specifically for parents in recovery going through custody issues caused by addiction and a charity to help recovering addicts with criminal defense costs.

My first major goal upon my ministries foundation will be to establish a local/regional youth outreach & education program working directly with school boards and parents using a Release Time Religious Instruction model. What better way to serve, thank & praise the Lord then by helping & educating our children. They are the most vulnerable group fighting against Satan's countless temptations in this landscape of the final days. Although building this branch of my journey is the next step and it's a bit further down the path, it is the first and primary aim after chartering. I do already have a few educators on board to help establish and implement a curriculum.

The first step however, is simply building & establishing my ministry as a recognized FBO which is what any & all donated funds from this Campaign will be used for. I added a 10% platform giveback to the campaign goal as well!

I'm certainly not able to take on this endeavor alone; thankfully I have been blessed with a small but growing network of supportive individuals and organizations who share in my vision & passion. For the past few months I have been in discussions with various groups & like minded colleagues. This has allowed me to gather and assemble a small team of people that are ready to put in the time, do the work and dedicate the hands on elbow grease required to grow this seed, at least enough to make an impact at a local level.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to tell my story & for taking the time to read about my goals. I know without a doubt that this is the Lord's plan for me. I can not express the gratitude and humility I have for all of you. I look forward to this journey & the challenges ahead. I just humbly ask that if you are able to contribute to the foundation of my ministry, please do and join me in supporting my mission.