A Harrisburg City woman, Ms Lashaun Green, is in need of immediate assistance as the clock is ticking. Last July, her mortgage was sold to Select Portfolio https://www.spservicing.com . Due to covid her work hours were reduced & she fell behind in mtg payments. She had a year left and owed 15k. Her mtg was sold to Select Portfolio in July of 22 by Shellpoint loan servicing. . She had a forbearance with the previous mtg servicer. She made 2 pmts before the mtg was sold, that Select Portfolio claims they didn’t receive these payments however she has pmt proof from her bank card. Select Portfolio also claimed they didn’t have this forbearance agreement either. She sent them these documents. In Oct of 22, Select Portfolio sent her an ACT 91 via certified mail. She was unable to pick it up due to her post office changing hours so it was returned unclaimed. She had no idea she was in foreclosure as Select Portfolio made no attempt to contact her by phone or via regular 1st class mail. Ms. Green doesn’t have internet. Ms Green, had requested a loan modification with Select Portfolio to cure the 7k she was in arrears. She was sent the application. She had faxed in these documents 7+ times from different locations only to find each time, Select Portfolio claimed the faxes didn’t come through “clear”. Faxing these documents over & over, cost her a lot of money & delayed her assistance for months. Select Portfolio had her homeowners insurance cancelled and they expected her to pay outrageous insurance premiums as well. Ms. Green received a “drive-by appraisal” in the mail. This appraisal severely undervalued her home. They valued it at 70k & didn’t include the garage in rear!. The home comparables for Ms. Green’s home in Harrisburg, Pa 17110, on her own street avg 110k-135k. The house next door, sold last year for 110k. Ms. Green’s home is in far better condition than the house next door. The ‘comps’ Select Portfolio used were from the most awful streets in the neighborhood. Ms. Green obtained a comparable market analysis appraisal via a licensed realtor. These ‘comps’ were realistic, avg median comparable 120-124k. Select Portfolio’s “appraiser” severely undervalued Ms. Green’s home. *And we will call it for what it is, DELIBERATE/ON PURPOSE. Upon calling Select Portfolio on Jan 5th 2023, we spoke with “Jackie” and then she divulged some alarming info. She said the loan modification application was still in processing, however she stated that Ms. Green wouldn’t get a forbearance approved because Ms. Green received one from the previous loan servicer “Shellpoint”. (Ironic in how they claimed to not have received this info from previous servicer nonetheless from Ms. Green), & she had a year left on her mortgage. She said they’d in all probability would issue her a repayment plan which would double her payments, in excess of 1236 a month! When we brought up to the agent the grossly undervaluing of her home via the drive-by appraisal & not including her garage, she told Ms. Green to send a letter into them  to “dispute” the appraisal. Recently, without a formal written dispute remitted yet, in regards to the undervaluing of the home/drive-by appraisal, Select Portfolio “readjusted” the homes appraisal amount, to 86k. We deduce this may’ve been a result to our phone conversation with the last agent. They want Ms. Green to take this mortgage class and sign the new payment agreement as the first payment is due February 7th 2023. The tactics this loan servicer is using on Ms. Green is predatory and reminiscent of tactics used back in 2007-09. Undervaluing her home is a known predatory tactic being used on Ms. Green, and who else in our state as well to date. Undervaluing her home, would benefit Select Portfolio once they foreclose. Homeowning while Black: Couple alleges bias in appraisal https://www.cbsnews.com/news/housing-discrimination-black-home-appraisal/ 
Black-Owned Homes Are Often Undervalued  https://www.bankrate.com/real-estate/appraisal-gap-makes-homeownership-tougher-for-black-families/  Ms Green has 15k principal left on her mortgage pluis all the fees, inflated insurance & undervalued appraisal & other addon fees,. Select Portfolio has demonstrated predatory practices in not assisting her fairly in order for her to keep her home. Please help Ms Lashaun Green. This matter is of time restraint. She was only notified this week of the new repayment plan amount, and February 7th 2023 is the 1st payments due date. This is an impossible feat for her to achieve financially, especially with two weeks notice. We did contact Mayor Wanda Williams/Harrisburg, State rep Patty Kim, Sen Bob Casey, Sen Mastriano, Dauphin County Commissioners Mike Pries & George Hartwick, along with 4 local TV news stations. MidPenn Legal Svcs denied her assistance.