Kim's husband Jim writes:
Please pray for my wife Kim who has ovarian cancer.  Kim and I, along with her oncologist, have decided to by-pass chemotherapy due to Kim's recent near-death experience in the hospital with Covid/being ventilated. Her doctor says this is uncharted territory and doesn't feel very confident that in Kim's state of recovery, that she would survive the chemo. As we have looked into it further, the amount of toxins/poison that the procedure puts into the body plus we found out that it really is increasing cancer rather than reducing it.  Even though Kim's oncologist mentioned that in normal cases, which Kim is not, there is an 80% chance of it going into remission there is also an 80% chance that it comes back.  We are going the only other route of doing more holistic/natural types of treatment that, if committed to, has had a high percentage rate of total healing.  The problem is that the cost can be phenomenal since none of this is covered by any kind of insurance (possibly as high as $1000 - $3000 or more per month) and we have a very limited budget (just barely making ends meet) and this is the area of prayer we are asking for that God would meet this financial need (of course prayer could go towards complete healing should that be what the Lord wants to do).  Here is a breakdown as to what we need for all encompassing treatments as we can forsee to give Kim the best chance at beating cancer (some of these we are doing now but many of these we need funds similar to what is mentioned above to do)
* Supplements (Vitamins, Herbals, and oils)
* Naturopathic Oncologist Doctor (Medicare will not cover) to monitor and organize care
* Replacing ALL chemical (toxic) cleaning products, personal care products with natural/environmentally friendly products
* ALL ORGANIC vegetables for juicing and making meals
*Powerful Therapies - Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, Immunotherapy, IV treatments (vitamin C, Graviola, Detox IV's, Curcumin), Regenerative Cell Therapy, others......

We are constantly researching for MORE info and proven treatments but the task is (can be) very daunting. Kim is 58 years young. She has 3 grown children and 6 grandchildren and is very active in their lives. She has Faith that God has brought her through thus far and continues to sustain her. She is in overall good spirits and seems to be recovering well physically from her recent time in the hospital. We have hope and know God will do a great work in her situation. Time is of the essence. Please keep Kim's health and our family in your prayers! 
Thank you!