Regardless of your political views, it seems like almost everyone is tired of the MSM (mainstream media) and their narrative, or how they don’t put the whole truth into their stories.  Sometimes we don’t like to hear the truth, but that’s what we need to hear.  I’ve been trying to launch my own small scale media type organization called KeystoneNewsNow.  While i have a Facebook page and Twitter account that I post news stories on, I want to live stream major breaking events and put videos out talking about current events.  A good and complete streaming setup isn’t cheap, and I’ve been purchasing bits and pieces here and there to try and build a suitable setup.  Unfortunately, the reality is it will take me a long time to achieve this goal on my own.  While I am okay with doing it all on my own, the major downside is how long it will take me to get everything I want and need, and there will be plenty of major stories that I will unfortunately not be able to cover.  To anyone that feels the way I do about MSM and the lack of honest reporting and wants to help me report true, honest and accurate news, just know that any donation/contribution you give will go to fighting against MSM and the dishonest news we are fed.  If you don’t currently have the ability to help financially, simply sharing the link so others can help would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart.  


(Regardless if the final total for donations is $1 or $2500, I will provide receipts for every penny spent)