Kerrigan Skelly and Family Water Damaged House

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Goal : USD $6,000
Raised : USD $ 6,798
Well, today was an interesting day. It started at around 3:30am, with a loud knock on my bedroom door from my oldest son. We've all been up since then, except for maybe a 30 minute nap here and there.

It turns out that the hot water hose busted off of my washing machine sometime in the middle of the night. Thankfully, my 10 year old son got up to go to the bathroom a little after 3am. He promptly woke up his older brother, who in turn woke up my wife and I.

We've been going hard since then: trying to clean up water with shop vacs, towels, etc. We've been moving things all over the place. We've had to throw quite a few things out that were ruined. I've been on the phone all day talking to Servpro, Insurance company, HVAC company, etc. We're really tried, but as my really close friend would say, "I'm on a PGA TOUR" - Praise God Anyway Tour!

By the time I woke up, who knows how long the water had been running out all over the place? If I were to guess, probably 3-4 hours. The Servpro tech agreed. Water sure can wreak havoc in a hurry, though.

There is water damage all over the place. My house is a construction zone. Flooring and subflooring is ripped up all over the place, walls have been partially take out, ceilings have been removed, fans and dehumidifiers are all over the place. Obviously, this is not what we expected to happen no means.

However, it is in times like this where we really see what we're made of. Whether it be persecution for being a Christian or preaching, a severe injury/illness, a natural disaster causing great damage or something like this happening. How do we respond?

Do we respond in the flesh, with impatience, anger and anxiousness? Do we give into our emotions, our first temptation to react? Or do we trust the Living God, who saw all of this coming in the first place? Do we pray, remain calm, be patient and allow God to use these situations? Do we only accept good from the Lord and praise Him for it or do we also do this for the "bad"?

You know what I've found, in situations like these? If you respond properly, not only will it deepen your faith, but the faith of those around you. It will be a testimony to you and to them of how great your God is.

PLUS, you'll get a chance to be a witness to individuals who you'd never get a chance to witness to otherwise. God is glorified when we respond properly to such situations. He is worthy of a GODLY response to such situations!

Friends, please pray for my family and I. Financially, this is not something that I am able to take care of. I'm not a lazy man. I work two jobs to provide for my family. I pastor a home fellowship, open air preach 2-3 times a week and have a wife and 8 children to take care of.

I do the best I can with what I have. We try to be frugal and use our money wisely. Would you prayerfully consider giving towards this expense? I do have insurance, but the deductible is around $6,000. That means that the insurance company won't pay anything until I pay that amount. Plus, I already missed one day of work and may miss more because of this situation.

I don't have $6,000 but I am going to start selling things to try to pay for it. I know God is with me and He will provide. He owns all the money in the world! It's ALL at HIS disposal! I don't usually mention these types of things, but I believe the Lord is leading me to this time. Here is the link if the Lord is leading you to help. Would you also please consider sharing this that others might have the opportunity to prayerfully give? Thank you!


Update #2
November 10, 2019
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Thank you so much to all my friends who gave towards our disaster issue, those who prayed for us, those who offered words of comfort/support and those who shared about our situation. We are very grateful and are blessed for such support. It really shows love towards us!
We've reached our financial goal, glory to God! Please keep us in prayer as we work towards putting everything back together. The fans and dehumidifiers from Servpro will be here another couple of days while things dry out. Lord willing, the insurance adjustor will be here sometime next week. Then, we'll need to find the right contractor to help us put everything back the way it was.

Until then, we're content with our situation. We're not anxious, worrying or complaining about our situation. We all deserve much worse for our sins - the wrath and justice of God. Yet, He's so kind and merciful to us that He has forgiven us of our sins, transformed us into a holy people and has blessed us beyond measure.

We're not deserving in the least bit of any of it. That's what makes His grace so AMAZING and His mercy so EXTRAORDINARY! Don't forget to be thankful for all things today, even the small things! And if you haven't experienced the transforming mercy and grace of God, then I encourage you to turn from all known sins, put your faith in Jesus and let Him change you from the inside out! It's wonderful to know Jesus!!!

Update #1
November 7, 2019
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Here's an update, friends!  Things are going well. God is so good to us! Our family is doing well.

The demolition phase is almost over, after two full days. You can see some of the phases of it in the pictures. The next phase will be having the insurance adjustor come out and then getting estimates from contractors to fix everything.

This is going to take a while, but we are able to persevere with God's help! Thank you everyone, for your prayers, support and help! It really is a blessing and we really appreciate it!

We're getting close to our goal, praise God!! If you'd like to prayerfully consider giving, you can do so through the link below. THANK YOU!! 


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