Im Kelly Lay, age 59, 100% disabled w/brain tumor.Lifelong organic/NonGMO farmer.Fireplace/house fire destroyed my rental home/greenhouse&my own artwork/possessions.Unable2find rental4past year,living in motel.100%drug free, organic lifestyle.BlackBear Paving & Construction 6456 Sylva Rd Franklin NC 28734 will build. very simple tiny house for me, they are not price gauging. My 25yr old SON is lost in Babylon. I pray 2 see HIM here, SAFE, BAPTIZED, and not estranged from me and, more importantly, from Jesus. I will mail flash drive with my artwork to any donor who requests it, and has a P.O. box. It is macro photography of prisms, in full spectrum light. There are 54 images, and they print out beautifully on paper, canvas or fabric. Bless Your Heart For Reading...Love, Kelly