?I’ve never done one of these before, but this fund raiser is for a very dear IG sister of mine, who I’ve known for over 1.5 years, now. She desperately needs some loving charity from us.?? She won a brutally tough battle with cancer about 5 years ago, but lost both breasts! Due to the doctor doing a very botched job on her, she still suffers greatly due to infections and unspeakable constant pain and even drainage in her chest. He even mutilated the muscles under both of her arms and they ache non-stop, as well. Her insurmountable medical bills trashed her credit and Obama care didn't pay them as promised? She is trying to navigate through the tedious nightmare of getting disability and has no insurance due to not being able to work right now. She lives in a rural area with no family around. She only has a 5th grade education due to her horrific childhood, but she has always been a persistent/consistent hard working woman. She had travailed diligently to build up a very established business for 11 years, but it completely crashed due to the fall out caused by CV-19. This sweet tiny lil woman has one of the most beautiful hearts you could ever know! She has really resisted me doing this for her, but I clearly see that her financial situation is getting more grim by the day, with the deterioration of her health. This money will go to helping her get much-needed medical care, so she can get back on her feet enough to work again and within a couple of weeks or less.??✝️

Would you please help her? May God bless you all for your sacrifice of any amount to help this struggling and suffering, yet grateful humble sweet woman, get back on her feet and back to work! God bless you all! ♥️??✝️