During my show in Joplin, Missouri, a man snuck into the auditorium, without a ticket, and was threatening women in the crowd while causing a scene. When they alerted me, I asked for his ticket, and when he admitted he didn’t have one, I escorted him out. Once outside, he spins towards me and reaches under his jacket brandishing a firearm, and screaming “I’m gonna kill you!” I instinctively swing and subdue him.

While doing so, I tore my biceps tendon and broke my hand. This was 100% self defense and now my out of pocket expenses are upwards of $15,000. I’m not a violent person, I stand by my decision, and I feel like I did the right thing. But now, I’m in a position where I need surgery, and I could use a little help to get the surgery and treatment, and rehab I need. Any contribution will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.