Too many incidences are arising with dog attacks directly or indirectly on children. Emergency are ringing dog attacks on babies very common. Baby Aiden  was one of those cases but with the grace of God, he survived. He suffered lacerations, broken leg, ankle, puncture wound and missing flesh, ptsd and separation anxiety. The amount of nerve damage has not been access as of yet. Aiden has overcome his infection and was release from th hospital to heal at home. 

  His young parents are both hard working but an unexpected tragedy like this has put them in a financial strain. They are in the prayers of all of their friends and family, miniseries and veteran friends ( as Mom is an active Veteran). But, the cost of aftercare and rehabilitation, the loss of wages, the cost of special childcare in order for Mom to return ti duty, and the babies new special diet from abdominal injury and surgery side effects has overwhelmed the family. They need your help!!!!!!

   Charity does not decrease wealth! Which of the favors of your lord will you deny? 

The family is also starting/ participating in the “ Don’t bite the baby” foundation to educate pet owners on safe baby introduction, preventative training for toddler safety and extensive training on dog sensitivity to newborns & young children. They need your donations to prevent improper pet/ child handling and interactions. Baby should be safe in their own homes and pets should have the training to keep them safe and never harm them.