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My Daughter Jae-lah  is the oldest girl of 5 children, raised by a single mom. Her dad had been incarcerated since she was 1 year of age. Jaelah has seen and endured the struggles of her single mom throughout the years.  Her oldest brother is 16 whose dad was killed before he was born,  she has 3 younger siblings that are twin boys and a little sister. Jae-lah  being the oldest has had to carry some of the burdens of being a big sister, like: helping to feed her other siblings, cooking, cleaning, changing diapers, babysitting, and at times not participating in teenagers activities; she's passed up opportunities because family needs  had became first priority for all of us to survive,  without being forced to live on the streets. she hardly ever complained, instead she took on the responsibility as if she would have it no other  way. Jae-lah siblings meant so much to her, that after watching law and order and so many horrific shows on children been abused,  she said she didn't want anyone watching her siblings and she Sacrificed some of her wants for there safety. I can go on and on about this protective,beautiful, loving and caring young lady... 

We her family when we heard her heart about going to college we were overjoyed!!!  She says mom Im going to college in become a lawyer,  so i can get my dad out of Prison,  she's also in the process of creating her own organization called R.O.D.S (RELEASING OUR DADS)..

Jaelah will also be the First Grandchild out of 17 to Go to college and Pave the way .. Breaking barriers.  
and even going  through struggles, Jaelah's mom kept her in church, and taught her spiritual things. SHE continued to push for success no matter how challenging.

Your financial support will help her with dorm room cost,  meal plan, and the rest of her  classes  that has to be paid  for.

As Her  Mother and Family, we want to help her reach her Goals, and we want  to support her and every way possible.. She's leaving for ALBANY STATE UNIVERSITY  ON Jan 10th. 2019... First UNIVERSITY.... First  HBCU...First Dorm room experience,  First Time away from us all!! With fingers crossed and Prayers going up, we believe as a community  we can help  her dreams come true. 

Linda Thomas

2019-01-10 03:22:59

Wishing you the best!!!

Getting Closer!!!
January 7, 2019, 8:57 pm


January 7, 2019, 7:52 am

We would like to thank all for your Love and Support,  we are excited!! Today we are preparing  to take the trip to albany Wednesday... Roaaaaad Trip . . WOW!! such an exciting time for  us!!

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Campaign Created by:
Family Douglasville, GA Follow

$225 of $1,500

15 % Complete 3 donation(s)

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Wishing you the best!!!


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