Legal Fund for Coast Guard Sexual Assault Victim

First and foremost God is good all the time and we trust Him to work everything out for His good. 
My wife and I are asking for two things:
  First, for prayer for all involved in this case.  
  Second, to help with the legal fund to right the wrong that Josh has endured. 
Over the past 3 years my wife and I have struggled as we have watched from a distance our son, Joshua Roh working through the healing process after being sexually assaulted in his dorm room in Chase Hall at the United States Coast Guard Academy with no help or aid from the Coast Guard. 
Joshua Roh is a 22 year-old young man of exemplary character who, until May 11, 2021, was slated to graduate with the United States Coast Guard Academy (USCGA) Class of 2021. He was to commission as an Ensign in the Coast Guard, and honorably serve as a deck officer.  This bright future Joshua had earned through four years of extraordinarily hard work at the Coast Guard Academy, was suddenly and wrongfully taken from him when, in the afternoon of May 11, 2021(8 days before graduation), he was summoned into the office of the USCGA Superintendent, and was informed he was being disenrolled. 
The supposed bases for the disenrollment were 1) a “pattern of misconduct”
resulting in the accumulation of more than 100% of the maximum allowable demerits as a first
class cadet and 2) “continued concern regarding [Cadet Roh’s] deficiencies in emotional
regulation and professional interactions.”
Both of these assertions were disingenuous, if not patently misleading. They are, in fact, a thin and insubstantial veneer by which the Coast Guard Academy Command seeks to cover up its own institutional failures and repeated violations of law, actions and omissions that not only do not warrant disenrollment, but constitute repeated and intentional violations of Coast Guard regulations, the Administrative Procedure Act (APA), and the United States Constitution.
Carefully hidden beneath these alleged “justifications” is the abject and deliberate
failure of the Coast Guard Academy’s Command to respond in any meaningful manner to the
shocking sexual assault Cadet Roh suffered at the hands of another male cadet in the Spring of
his third class year, the traumatic aftermath of which lies at the core of whatever “deficiencies in
emotional regulations and professional interactions” Cadet Roh had allegedly exhibited in the
wake of that disgraceful failure to help him. Indeed, this is a case that should give pause not
only to the Commandant and Deputy Commandant of the Coast Guard, the Coast Guard writ
large, and the Department of Homeland Security, but to Congress itself, because it exposes and
illuminates the pervasive, anti-male gender bias that is the undercurrent of the Coast Guard
Academy’s efforts to demonstrate to the world that its Sexual Assault Prevention Response
(SAPR) Program is working. As the following particularized allegations of fact demonstrate,
irrespective of whatever “strides” the Coast Guard Academy may claim to have made in
“Righting the Ship” as to female midshipmen who claim victim status, no such “Righting” has
occurred for male victims of sexual assault like Joshua Roh.
Joshua Roh’s efforts to call attention to, and seek help for, the debilitating trauma
he suffered as the result of a sexual assault, served only to put a target on his back and
underpinned the callous rationalizations on which his chain of command justified the pejorative
and disparaging narrative they created, perpetuated, and executed through a series of overblown, arbitrary, capricious, and targeted conduct charges principally driven by his company officer.  Simply stated, the company officer and other members of the chain of command concluded that “real men don’t get sexually assaulted” and that the trauma from which Joshua Roh was suffering was a contrivance and a poor excuse for his allegedly sub-standard performance and conduct violations. The failure of the Coast Guard Academy to take any corrective action for this and other acts of retaliation against Joshua Roh was precisely one of the key leadership failures outlined in the “Right the Ship” Report.
The barrage of baseless and overblown conduct charges to which Joshua Roh was
subjected led to the improper imposition of not one, not two, but three different remediation
programs. Remarkably, notwithstanding a remediation workload that probably represented
seven additional credit hours, Joshua Roh still made the Dean’s List in the final semester of his
first class year. His tireless, relentless commitment to the remediations spoke volumes about the
level of his commitment to earning his diploma and his commission, and the more than 50
journal entries he made over the course of those remediations provide a window into the strength of his character and his clear suitability for service.
All of those exemplary efforts were of no moment to an institution bent on retaliating against Joshua Roh and seeing to his personal destruction. The means by which Defendants and others carried out that destruction were invidious and remarkably simple: trump up any number of baseless, overblown conduct charges and a false, pejorative narrative that was the callous perversion of Defendants’ own institutional failures, and then deprive Joshua Roh of even the most basic due process in his efforts to defend himself.
***All demerits imposed are attached in the formal complaint
**Each one is an over charge or made up charge that was set to run Josh out
**Article #35 -#120 Go into detail of all demerits and interactions to show how Josh was targeted.  (16 demerits were actually given because he missed a class picture while in quarantine for Covid 19….they told him he should have figured it out????)
These statements say it all:
At one point, Cadet Roh explained that the Command’s failure to recognize the continued threat 2/c Clancy posed to him and others terrified him and left him feeling incredibly vulnerable. He then went on to state that it, “added an incredible amount of stress and anxiety to an already volatile situation. I also learned that I could not trust those in charge to advocate
for me and place protective measures in place to help me effectively process the trauma I endured in a healthy way. Due to all of this I found myself having symptoms of insomnia and would rarely sleep more than an hour unless I could sleep during the day with the door locked. The only times I could sleep were when I had thoroughly exhausted myself which became harder and harder to do. All of this, the lack of sleep, the feeling that I had to always be on guard, the knowledge that I was in this alone, all led to physiological changes in me. I started losing weight. I was having a hard time concentrating and staying on task. My hair started falling out. I found myself erupting in anger at the smallest slights. I was fighting a war and had no allies.”
Current CG Ensign: 
“Over the last semester I was Mr. Roh’s roommate so I witnessed multiple interactions between him and the command staff. One thing I did notice was LT Inyang’s expectation and standards for Mr. Roh was much higher than everyone else. For example, during the formal room and wing, Mr. Roh was marked lower than me on shared spaces such as the condition of the deck, dust, and window sill. This discriminatory treatment resulted in Mr. Roh receiving a failing score resulting in a re-inspection. Also, Mr. Roh would be constantly targeted by the command as they would regularly come by the room to see what Mr. Roh was up to which was more times than I have seen any other year at the academy. During the online class atmosphere, this was shown to be very distracting for Mr. Roh which resulted in Mr. Roh having a harder time to complete work. This extra attention from command induced more unnecessary stress on him. With command’s constant checks of Mr. Roh, they naturally were able to find multiple minor discrepancies and had awarded him with numerous demerits. These demerits is why Mr. Roh has been put up for disenrollment. From the view as Mr. Roh’s roommate, it seemed like command had a personal vendetta toward Mr. Roh and wanted to make sure he was unable to graduate. There seemed to be no sympathy or concern from command for Mr. Roh’s well-being which seemed unacceptable especially since he was a sexual assault victim.”
Current Ensign:
“False rumors were spread of [Josh] by people who did not know all of the details in which he was involved. As a result, many people believed him to be a temperamental and angry person. He has been outcasted by other cadets and his word has been invalidated due to the perception that these rumors depicted. This is unfair and has caused great hardship to a person who always had good intentions, and truly made an impact in more people’s lives than others may know.”
Josh has been sent into the fleet to serve 4 years to pay back for the education they CG will not give him a degree for completing and the commission he desires. He is currently serving as a BM3 on the East Coast.
Our goal through this lawsuit is to get Josh his degree and commission as well as help effect REAL change in the Coast Guard.
We are David against Goliath but our lawyer said this is a fight not just for Josh but for every other sexual assault victim that is getting the message not to report. It is time for the Coast Guard Academy to truly Right The Ship!
We also ask for prayers for all those that we are fighting against that God would penetrate their hearts so they may come to understand what love is and come to a saving relationship with Jesus. 

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Update #3
December 21, 2021
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ABC News KETV out of Omaha, NE did a news story on Josh's case you can watch it using the link:

Article #2 -- The Day
October 18, 2021
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Update #1 -- Article Written
October 7, 2021
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  • We have been truly blessed by the outpouring of love and support for Josh! We are so thankful for so many who have expressed such generosity of spirit. We have also become keenly aware that there are many who have been affected by assault, and many are still suffering. Some silently, some are working through their own experience with the help of a strong support team. We have been humbled by the numerous posts by people who have had similar experiences to our son. Please pray for those who have not had a voice in their pain. Pray for those who feel alone and lost as they process these experiences on their own. Pray that Gods might hand would comfort and bring healing.