Jason Jones and Family

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The funds from this campaign will be received by Erin Jones.

Goal: USD $100,000
Raised: USD $ 97,616
    Hello, I am asking for donations to support my friends, Jason and Erin Jones and their beautiful family.  Jason has been hospitalized since September 28 with COVID.  He is currently in ICU on a ventilator.  Jason is a family man who has loved and provided for his wife, Erin, and each of their children, Brittany (32), Savannah (19), Jacob (17), Dakota (15), Jerry (13), and Wyatt (12).  

     Jason is one of the good…no, great ones!  He has been serving the public as a member of law enforcement for 28 years, serving with Tarrant County Sheriff’s Department for the last 12 years.  
    Jason is the sole provider for his wonderful family.  Once he beats COVID, there will be mountains of medical bills, rehabilitation facility costs, recovery time out of work, etc.  Erin, his wife of 23 years, is doing an amazing job taking care of Jason and fighting for the best care, despite many obstacles.  She is caring for each of their kids and holding down the fort all around. 
    Any support will be deeply appreciated, as well as prayers!  If you can bless this family in any way, please do.  If you have the pleasure of knowing Jason, Erin, and their children, you  know what blessings they are.  Thank you.  🙏🏼


No More Vent!!
February 11, 2022
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Great news!! Thank you all again for the prayers and amazing financial support for Jason Jones and his family!  Jason’s transfer to a rehabilitation center went well and he is making huge progress!  Erin updated me yesterday with a picture of his room with the ventilator GONE!!  Jason is working well with his trach and speaking valve!  He is being able to sit up in a chair for hours at a time!  His labs and stats are steady and stable and he is making huge strides in his recovery.  

Jason is alive and making his way back to being home with his wife and children!  Jason’s recovery is a miracle, no doubt.  He spent more than 100 days on the vent, was given extremely slim chances for survival, was neglected of the proper and aggressive care he deserved at the hospital, and his rights as a patient to get the medication of his choosing, were denied.  The hospital, medical agencies, and even the judicial system at times worked against him and his wife fighting on his behalf, but God’s plans for Jason’s life could not be thwarted!  Light was brought to some very dark places in medical care, and could no longer be hidden.  Jason’s life, and countless others, were no doubt saved by this all coming to light and going so public.

Thank you for your continued prayers and support for this family. Jason has a long road ahead of him in recovery, but he has fought hard all along the way and his will to survive has prevailed, along with God’s will for him and his amazing wife and children.  His story is not just his story, but has also touched so many others and only God knows how far reaching the impact will be!  

So thrilled to be writing these words today!  Jason and his family and all of us who love them are filled with gratitude for all of the love and kindness shown by so many!  Blessings to all who read these words!

Big Move Coming!
December 31, 2021
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After more than 80 days hospitalized and on a ventilator, Jason will soon be moved to a rehabilitation center to begin the next part of his recovery journey!  Prayers are still needed that he remains stable, infections stay away, the transition is smooth and as stress-free as possible, and that he adapts well to the new setting and phase of his treatment.   

Jason and his family have a very long road ahead of them, but complete healing is rarely a fast or painless process.  Please continue to support this family as they work together and stand in faith for Jason\'s complete healing and restoration! 

Thank you all for your love in action, in prayers, financial support, and the multitude of other ways you have each showed this family that you care for them.  It’s about to get exciting as Jason begins to learn of just how much love has carried him through his darkest times!  Each of you, a piece of that story he will hear about just how much he is far, wide, and deeply loved!

Great News!!!!
December 9, 2021
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I received a text from Erin today about Jason's progress!!  He has had a speaking valve added to his trach.  Today, he said his name and knew what year it is!  He also tried to say "Erin", but after all of that was really worn out.  The vent is still down at 35, which is great!   He will still need lots of time, but these are awesome signs of life!  The procedures to repair his collapsed lungs have been successful so far, so prayers still going up for continued stability, recovery, and healing are appreciated!  Thank you all for continuing to love and support this family!!  

If I'm guessing, it looks like a lot of people will be getting their Christmas wishes this year!

Also, thank you to those of you helping this family as they have fought for Jason's best care and best chances at recovery!  I do believe, 100%, that had Erin not fought so hard and gotten so much support, this would be a very different update. Please don't doubt that your prayers and support have made all the difference.


Update November 30
November 30, 2021
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I received this update last night from Erin!
A trach and feeding tube surgery was successful last week.

He's been "awake" eyes open ...since 7:30 this morning (this was around 1:30pm yesterday). You can tell he is still high on the sedation meds though.
Not agitated... The Precedex med was weaned off yesterday evening and has remained off so far today. I really believe that was an issue for him.

Vent 40.   Peep 6.   Jason O2 level 96.

This is all great news and progress towards Jason coming home!!  

Thank you all for your continued prayers, support, and sharing!


November 22, 2021
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Jason had surgery this morning to insert a trach and feeding tube.  He did well with the surgery and is now in recovery!  Prior to going into surgery, his sedation was lowered and the vent was lowered to 45%.  He woke up some and was apparently trying to mouth words to the nurse!  Looks like God is preparing Jason for his road to recovery and getting him ready to go home to his family!!  We stand in faith with Erin and their children for his full recovery! 

The peaceful prayer and rally gathering will be today at 3:30pm at Huguley Hospital.  Attendees are asked to park at the nearby Rudy's restaurant, if possible.  

Thank you for your continued prayer for this family!  The prayers are being heard and answered! 

November 20, 2021
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The beauty of humans still astounds me when I see love poured out so generously like this! Your prayers and financial gifts are so touching!  Jason is still here with us and this family is still standing in faith for his recovery and healing.  Thank you so much for caring for this family while Jason can only fight with every ounce of life in him to stay here so he can be here with and for them for years to come.  Erin and the children are Jason's pride and joy, and anyone who knows him knows that is the truth!!  He is also very proud of his career serving his community for nearly 3 decades of his life.   Rest assured, you are being angels in human form for a wonderful man and family.  I cannot wait for the day he wakes up and begins to learn of all the love and light that has surrounded him and his family during this time.  
Thank you, each of you beautiful souls for being love in action for this family, even surpassing the goal we originally set! God knows what it will take to fight anymore battles on behalf of Jason, so we are trusting that all will be provided.  We really didn't know when we started this that the financial needs would grow so large and go for so long. Yet, here we are, and this family is being greatly provided for and supported, despite the forces trying to harm them and block this man's recovery.  But God is bigger! 

Eternal gratitude and many blessings to each of you reading these words! 🙏🏼


Jason is still in this fight!!!!
November 19, 2021
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I just received this message from Erin about Jason's current status as of this morning.

"Nurse doesn't have a current vitamin d level but is going to ask.
Vent: 50%
Peep: (Important vent pressure number) 8    
Jason's O2 level : 93%
HR: 91    
BP 119/71 (86)
Nurse did wake him up right before I got here.  Jason opened his eyes.. Nurse said he did follow some commands like squeeze his hand. He did, but is real weak. Nodded his head!"

Down to 50% vent has been a goal from the time he was placed on it. The Peep number was way high before, 8 is a big drop. 93% O2 is wonderful and up from in the 80's at some points over the last 6 weeks.  Squeezing a hand and nodding his head... that's just the miracle we have been waiting for!!

For many weeks there was little progress and it seemed doctors were not being very proactive in trying to help Jason wean from the vent.  Once the hospital began feeling the eyes of the community, state, country, and even the world, things began to happen.  So each of you sending prayers, sharing the story, sharing the newscasts and articles, and financially supporting this family in their journey...it's helping! And Jason is still in there fighting the fight of, and for, his life, too!!

We are trusting and believing in his healing and recovery, no matter what the forces of darkness try to do to stop it!!

Thank you,

The Most Recent Appeal
November 19, 2021
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The most recent appeal filed by the hospital to fight Erin's SECOND court order demanding they allow her to have the medicine and treatment of her choice given to Jason, has sadly been won by the hospital.  

This whole situation reminds me of David and Goliath.  Texas Health and Huguley, big pharma, government agencies... they are giants.  Erin and her family are like little David with nothing but a sling and stones to fight back. However, as I recall this story I've known my whole
life, I do know David took just one shot, just one little stone, and defeated the giant!  Those giants may seem invincible and untouchable.  But if we can all come together with this family, we can be a mighty little stone!!

Thank you for your amazing love and support for this family!  Please continue to send prayers and share their story. 

For the record, this is the official fundraiser now.  If you donated to any others the money WILL be transferred to Erin's account, we have been assured by GFM. However, we are relying solely on this site now for continued support for this family. 

Thank you,
Christina Adams


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