First and foremost, we THANK YOU all for viewing our page and for sharing/donating what you can. Our family would like to share the medical crisis we continue to be in and would love your support. 

Our beloved JC has been fighting Salivary-Gland Cancer Adenocarcinoma for more than 5 years now. He has fought mentally, spiritually, and physically. All the while fighting HIS fight, JC had to endure our mom’s own battle with Stage 2 Breast Cancer. All this during COVID19, and everything else that these 2 years have brought. This meant, both his partner (our mother) and himself, fighting this horrible and at times debilitating disease. 

Our friends, family, coworkers, and even strangers pulled together to help our mom during her very difficult time fighting her disease. We are hoping the same can be achieved to help JC during these hard times. 


Due to the high risks and complications that can take place because of neurological surgery, JC has decided for the past few years to undergo Holistic Medicine and diets. These have helped in the past, but not enough. He has now found treatment in both Arizona and Tampa Bay. He has chosen the Tampa Bay location, due to its proximity and approach- to begin his new treatment. This will be a 6-week treatment. He will be required to stay in Tampa Bay for its duration. As many of you know, Holistic Medicine is NOT covered through insurance. Leaving him, paying for everything out of pocket. We need your help! JC needs your help!

The cost of a 6-week treatment is approximately $43,000. This includes his treatment, room and board, and any other medicine he will need during this 6-week treatment. 

Our goal is to at least reach the halfway mark to ease the stress and burden he must carry while fighting and dealing with pain and sleepless nights due to this disease. Any donation and sharing of this page to further assist us with this goal will be forever appreciated! 

GOD bless you all for taking the time, praying, and if possible, donating to this cause. JC and our entire family, THANK YOU!