To my Fellow Western Mass American's

After over 2 Years of this pandemic hysteria, after over 2 Years of lockdown mandates, masking kids, the masking of everyone, with no

evidence of mitigation and tons of data, all Negative that has shown these masks are hurting our Kids with irreversible damage. That even if masks had shown to have some mitigation properties, the damage far outweighs any good that those properties could've had

So After being lied to and bullied over and over For the last 2+ Years, I say we stand Now, because if you don't, the freedom to do so may be gone forever.

So Stand and Say No to, Vaccine mandates Say No to the masking of our kids (Faces, individual identities the masking of their Futures.) Say No CRT and the Indoctrination of our children in the Classrooms.

Say No to school closings and Unions bulling of the parents, who they hide the curriculum From. All the while teaching that they are either a victim or victimizer.

So Say No to the cutting of advanced Classes in the name of equality

Say no to over, Funded underperforming Schools whose only interest is How much money their Faculties are being Funded.

Say No to Big tech censoring of information and individuals.

Big tech alone can not be the arbiters of truth Because, more often than not, they've been found to not only be wrong, citing inconclusive or Compromised Data, they've been found to Preputuate a complete narrative of lies, misleading people about many therapeutics almost certainly caused deaths because, they do not want you to know about life-saving Therapeutics because, they wanted to spin the narrative, it more than likely cost people their lives.

So take a stand and Say Yes, to ending vaccine and mask mandates. Say yes, to our children's health, and their future, so they can be Free to go out and be the best them they can be,

Say Yes to opening schools and not limiting access to in-person learning.

Say Yes to ending the rise of inflation and Poverty because of inflation.

Say yes to ending the permanent political class with term limits.

Say Yes to holding those in power accountable For what they say and do, and to say and do what they said when they were elected into office,

Say Yes to Supporting our law enforcement and instead of defunding, let's use said Funds For Community policing, which improves Both the Community and poling.

Say yes to A Free America and my Campaign for you to take back control of Your Government, Because I'm not campaigning for myself, I'm campaigning for you and your kids and a freer tomorrow for them, including my four-month-old son, who along with his mother, is my guiding inspiration. I am campaigning to keep the family nucleus intact. 

I am no politician, I owe nobody in Washington or local government anything. So I have no Washington special interest other than the interests of ordinary Everyday People. Cocktail parties with the elites are not my idea of a good time, it's more of how I think a Horror Story should start. I would much rather take up a game at Fenway or Gillette Stadium or even a show at the Palladium or a Small Club watching an up-and-coming Hard Rock/metal Act. They'd rather go to an opera, I'd rather go see a rock opera like "Tommy" or "Operation Mindcrime".

So yeah, maybe I am a flawed candidate, I've been homeless, I've been an addict, I've been incarcerated. In 2013 I was homeless living between a park bench and shelter. If I had to work late past curfew, I was stuck on a park bench for the night.

In 2018 I bought a house outright with no help from the banks and became living proof the American dream can be obtained by anyone.

So maybe being a flawed candidate and a flawed person who fixed those flaws might just be what we need to fix the flaws in government.

I come from a single-parent home and grew up in the city projects just six miles from Greater Boston. So I know what it is like to grow up dirt poor and have every possible misfortune any kid growing up in the projects, in the city, could have.

So I already know that throwing a bunch of money to government programs to help the homeless more often than not tends to only help the program while the homeless live in tents.

So the first thing I will pledge if I'm elected to congress is to pledge 25% of my pay to help the homeless get off the streets, starting with addicted disabled veterans and working my way down from there.

It won't be going to some homeless program looking to expand their offices. It will go directly towards the down payment on rent, to get someone off the streets, and or, maybe some back rents to keep them from falling prey to homelessness.

Richard Neal has wasted 5 years chasing the Russian collusion hoax and now Trump's tax returns. How does that put food on your table and your kids through school?. It doesn't. It's time that RICHARD NEAL STOP wasting your time and the time of all Americans!

So vote for me Jesse Barnaby for US Congress here in Massachusetts First District House of Representatives.