I Am Nature will teach people to live off grid, grow food, install renewable energy solutions, farm, ride horses, and build sustainable homes. We plan on being the one stop shop resource to living in nature.

Currently my family and I are embarking on a new journey where we will be selling our home in rural Pennsylvania and moving to an off grid area that is 100 miles from a city. Once there we will be building our own home on a large acreage property. We will be purchasing farm animals, building green houses, installing solar/wind/hydro power solutions, and teaching you. I am an electrical/mechanical engineer who has experience with low and high voltage system design. This expertise along with my background in living in rural Pennsylvania will be an asset to accomplishing our goals. I am also an avid hunter, which will provide instruction for others who may want to butcher their own meat and learn how to hunt.

I am Nature will attempt to partner with product manufacturers to provide discounts and deals to its online community. Industries we plan to partner with are wind, solar, home batteries, metal building providers, kit home builders, agricultural, survival gear, archery, ammunition, seed, heavy equipment, and more. I would love to provide my community with product sweepstakes that will allow those without the money to invest in things like alternative energy, and farming equipment. It's my hope that companies will join with us and have their own sweepstakes as well. Charitable donations will be used to pay for new technology and equipment to continue to teach others. If we do not need the technology after we install or use it than we will give it away to community members. Donations will also be used for product giveaways, and hopefully funding others. The end goal is not to create physical communities, but to create online networks of Americans helping each other live in this way. I do not want these ideas to turn into communes which always go the way of communism.

It is my belief that we are transitioning into a two tiered society. There will be smart cities, and rural areas where people live in a new way. I personally do not want to live outside of nature and am sick of these screens that we stare at all day. I want to live again and take you with me on my journey. I hope we can build a better future for our children and grandchildren. One where we value nature which provides us all things. We have been separated from our mother for way to long. I believe the time is now for change and one must ponder the end of our recent collective endeavors. With technology advancing so fast, it will leave us all out of jobs and slaves to the corporations. There is more to life and it's right outside.

I am nature is an organization by the people and for the people. In this modern day the talk is about climate change, but there is no action from those who speak on this topic. Well the truth is we are a part of nature and not separate from it. I Am Nature is an organization that empowers people to live in a new way. The old way... Just an updated version of it.

We need money to fund our website, business licensing, and purchasing filming equipment. Please help us build a new future and give today. We hope to give you back much more than we receive.