For the past week, our thoughts and efforts have been with those affected by Hurricane Ian and its aftermath. The residents of Pine Island (Matlache, Bokeelia, St. James city) are without food, water, electricity, and medical supplies. FEMA has pulled out and cannot provide assistance anymore. A team of US Marines, former veterans and civilians are there actively delivering supplies and rendering 1st aid. There are still thousands of people needing help and supplies. Please donate if you are able and share if you can’t. Your contribution (or donation) will help families, businesses, and communities recover and rebuild.

$5 for a case of water for a family of 4.

$10 canned food for 2 days.

$20 personal hygiene items.

$30-$60 pet food.

$100 tarp for a roof.

$200 medical equipment for injured.

$500 generator

$1000 back-up power supply.