I am raising money for my daughter for a hospital bed to improve her quality of life. She has multiple complex medical health issues. Ranging from lupus, cardiac issues, rare genetic disease, mobility issues and now currently fighting bed sores due to living in a recliner 24/7. She is in need of PSW daily, she can only be patient transfer from recliner to patient transfer chair. My daughter has reached out to other organizations for funding and no one funds hospital beds unless you have MS or ALS disease. There is 1 possible organization that may help but it will be a 6 month to a year waiting time slot. We do not have that length of time especially as we know it is better to prevent bed sores than to treat them. 

Other concern with used hospital beds is that it is not appropriate for her medical conditons for what she requires and warranty is an absolute necessity for long time hospital bed users. My daughter is currently suffering from grade 2 pressure sores from living in a recliner full time (eating, sleeping and living). Please consider to donate for Kathleen's hospital bed to ensure she can have the quality of life that we would want her to have. Comfort, pain free and sore free. Thank you.

Warmly, Holly Rehman