Good morning friends and family,

It has been a rough week for Henry.  Monday evening he woke up around 9:30 pm and had debilitating stomach pain that led to severe vomiting.  His pain subsided about 45 minutes later, but once again Dad has a significantly greater amount of grey hair as a result.  We immediately began looking back through his test results for something that might lead us to some idea of what could be the culprit.  A previous xray and ultrasound had suspected an enlarged liver, gallstones (yes, gallstones for a 5 year old), and some debris in his bladder.  So the next morning I began setting up appts to get him evaluated and Wednesday he had five separate dr. appts.  

Another ultrasound that revealed that he still has 'sludge' in his gallbladder, but no stones that they believe could cause bile duct blockage.  A chest xray to rule out any return or advancement of previous pneumonia which showed the same as upon discharge (this is no surprise as severe as his pneumonia was, it will take months for his lungs to recover).  A scope of his vocal cords to ensure there were no lesions and they were closing appropriately to avoid aspiration, they looked great.  An orthodontist stop to check his palette separator (which for those that don't know has been in for about 6 months and slowly expanding his upper palette until it breaks to make for more room in his mouth) and to address the teeth that were knocked out during intibation.  All was good there, no issues.  And finally, a trip to his feeding specialist to see how he's doing with his chewing after having not eaten for over 3 weeks and he was at baseline already from before hospitalization, so that is awesome.

The Drs. believe that he did have a larger gallstone that was passed on Monday causing the pain and severe vomiting.  However, do not believe there are any more that will cause issue.  All in all, after the scary start to the week and mentally exhausting day of appts., he has done well since then.  We will start working on school work that has been sent home for him and continue PT and OT next week with the anticipation that he may try half days of school in a week and return to school in two weeks.  Until then we continue to wait for genetic testing results to return, which will determine our timeframe that we will travel to visit the Mayo Clinic.

In respect of everyone's inboxes, this will be the last update I send out unless it hits the fan.  We have received so much incredible support it's amazing.  God is good!  I have been told by quite a few people that my writing has helped them in some way so after some prodding from Courtney, I have created a website where I am going to try to begin blogging/writing.  If you are interested, please stop by my website below or facebook page and join to continue to see updates.  Thank you all so very much for everything.

I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength. (Philippians 4:13)