I would like to ask for prayer for my mom, Pam Richardson.  A few weeks ago she started having severe headaches.  She had some testing done in Mexico (Where they are missionaries) and eventually went to Texas for additional treatment.  She was immediately admitted to the hospital.

Testing confirmed that she has had a stroke and also has some kidney damage.  Today she had surgery to have stints put into the veins in her neck.  Following the surgery, her blood pressure dropped and she got a transfusion.  I just got word, as I am writing this, that it appears that she has internal bleeding in her abdomen, and will require an additional surgery. She is alone, as the hospital will not allow any visitors.  My dad is staying nearby in TX.

Anyone who knows my mom, knows that she is the most hospitable woman you will ever meet.  She has feed and housed thousands of people over the years.  She has served so many people, and given so much, and I know many would love the opportunity to  give back to her during this time of need!

First of all, she most needs prayer support!  Also, financial help would be a blessing. Some of the expenses will be covered by insurance, but there is also a large deductible and traveling expenses, plus additional expenses.  We would appreciate any gifts that you are able to share with her to help her bare this burden.