Sport builds community worldwide. The international wrestling community fights on the mat for every point, but when the matches end, brothers and sisters of the wrestling family engage in a respectful and sincere friendship that lasts a lifetime.

The organizers of the 2022 Tallinn Open, Europe's largest wrestling tournament, have committed to providing free accommodation, meals, and entry fees for Ukrainian athletes, many who have escaped the conflict and are arriving from other countries. The tournament will take place March 25-27 in Tallinn, Estonia.

The Wyoming Seminary girls wrestling team (Kingston, PA, USA) will be collecting funds to give DIRECTLY to these wrestlers to provide funding for whatever they need most during this difficult time. The SEM girls wrestling team will be attending the tournament and will personally deliver the funds and any items purchased with these funds directly to the athletes.

All funds and items purchased will be divided amongst the Ukrainian wrestlers and given directly to these youth athletes that attend the tournament. No funds will be given to any organization, the Ukrainian government, tournament directors, or any other entity.

The SEM girls wrestling team does not support war of any kind, and makes no political statements regarding the conflict in Ukraine. The goal of this campaign is purely to provide direct support the these displaced youth athletes in the form of monetary aid and gifts of personal items such as food, clothing, etc.