Help Teddy Get His Knee Surgery

Campaign Created by: Harold Finch

The funds from this campaign will be received by Paul Sherman.

Goal : USD $3,500
Raised : USD $ 9,062

It breaks my heart to have to ask for help. But, I am in a situation where I need to ask for help: my dog Teddy has recently suffered an Injury that resulted in a torn Anterior Crucia Ligament (ACL). After four weeks of treatment, and x-rays and consultation with his Vet, Dr. Ewoldt of Scott County Animal Hospital, it has been determined he will need a surgical repair. I am asking for donations to fund the surgery to get Teddy well again. Anything you can give will be much appreciated, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity. This little puppy is my world and it is breaking my heart watching him hurt and not being able to make him better. Your donation have the power to change that. Thank you! 


Update #12
July 19, 2022
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Hi, everyone! Sorry for going so long without an update, we’ve been in a holding pattern waiting for him to just heal, which takes time. He is trying to run, he’s playing with his toys, trying to run, & just wants life to get back to normal. 

He FEELS normal & is pain free & walking & playing & running without a limp. But, its my job as Dad to make sure he’s not doing tok much & he really does fully heal. Its chafing at him to be restricted but he’s still having fun. Im going to share some pictures & a video & i want to say thank you all again. 

But one more cool thing: as of yesterday his suture/incision is fully healed! No more cone or donut collar!

Without all of you, this miracle wouldnt have been possible! This is as much your miracle as it is ours & we wanted to share it with you!! ❤️

EDIT: it wont let me share video here so check it out here!

Update #11
July 1, 2022
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This update will be a long one! I apologize for the delay in getting this update out, bit once you read it, i think you’ll understand why. Its been a very very busy six days. Teddy had surgery last Friday & we are sneaking up on a week since. On Saturday night just after midnight, technically Sunday morning, we rushed him to the Emergency vet: he had not urinated in 33 hours & was in distress despite our efforts to help him go & relieve him.

This repeated sunday night & we thought we were headed that way monday night. As part of Teddy’s pain management post surgery, he had a fentanyl pain killer patch on his skin at the base of his spine. After 4 days per doctors orders it came off. Within hours Teddy began to go to the bathroom on his own. This happened Monday night. We celebrated, cheered & loved on him a lot. 

It had been a long day so we went home & snuggled & went to bed. Overnight tuesday morning very very early he had an accident & scared me to my core. From 3am until 9am when he went back to Dr Ewoldt for x-rays,i was beside myself with worry. 

Fast forward to today: x-rays are great, teddy is doing great and for the first time since before his surgery, HE WALKED. HE WALKED EIGHT FEET AND SNIFFED THE GRASS, WENT TO THE BATHROOM AND THEN WALKED TO ME AND SAT NEXT TO ME! 

This is the update i have been dying to be able to give you all! This surgery was a success. I will continue to limit & restrict what he can do to protect him & to help him continue to heal & grow stronger. THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU for making this Miracle possible!


Update #10
June 27, 2022
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Well, it was an exciting weekend. Teddy is resting comfortably right now on my bed as i type this, having had his medicine for this morning. After surgery we struggled to get him to go to the bathroom. He refused to go or didnt know how to go for over 33 hours which was of great concern. We ultimately had to go to the animal Emergency Vet in Bettendorf Iowa and the vet was able to express his bladder and relieve him.

His pain is definitely there and medicine is helping but he is still one very sore little boy. He is standing on the soft cast and even taken a couple steps!  He spent a lot of time outside in the shade with me enjoying the breeze and sunshine and went for a lot of walks in his stroller. So far things are going according to plan (minus the problems going potty). Today he gets his soft cast off!

More updates to come! PLEASE PLEASE keep the prayers for healing coming! They are working! 

Update #9
June 24, 2022
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UPDATE ON TEDDY: the surgery was a success. He is now in post-op waiting for anesthesia to wear off. He did have a Complete & total tear\rupture of the ACL, but the doctor found that he did NOT have to shave the kneecap & reshape it. It was able to be stabilized by repairing the ACL & we are hoping for a slightly shorter recovery time because of how the repair was done & not needing to remove/reshape Teddy’s kneecap bone. We will be bringing him home around supper time.

Update #8
June 24, 2022
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Today is the day. I dropped Teddy off after having the consultation with the surgeon. The damage to his knee is worse than previously thought: he will need his kneecap reshaped & resized, a steel plate affixed to his lower leg as an attachment point, and an artificial ACL replacement grafted in surgically. The total cost of his surgery is likely going to exceed $5,000 so i wanted to give a heartfelt thank you to everyone who kept giving to Teddy even after the goal was met. Because you all kept giving he is going to get everything he needs. 

I dont have to tell you that now that hes there & i am home without him, i am a nervous wreck waiting for him to come home. As much as i hate that he has to go through this, i know that out the other side he will be better than before his injury. Thank you all for making this happen, for being our miracle. ❤️✝️

Update #7
June 22, 2022
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And we have a date! We spoke to the staff at Kimberly Crest Animal Hospital in Davenport, and Teddy is now scheduled for a consult with the surgeon at 7:40AM on Friday of this week, and surgery will immediately follow. Its been a busy evening, I borrowed a pack and play baby crib for Teddy to be confined to after surgery to keep him off that knee post surgery, and he got a new stroller today so we can still go out side and go to all his favorite potty locations and parks. 

All the pieces are now in place, so we wait for Friday and the surgery, and then begin to heal. More will follow as we document his surgery and his recovery. You are all along on this journey with us, it would not have been possible without your kindness. THANK YOU!

Update #6
June 20, 2022
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Update on Teddy: the pain management plan we are using is working for him while we await surgery. We still have not heard from the surgeon’s office yet to schedule his surgery. The referral was done following his X-rays on friday so Im hoping to know the date for his surgery by Wednesday. Once i know the date i will announce it.

Update #5
June 17, 2022
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Ok, Teddy is home from his x-ray appointment & the news was pretty much what we expected. Dr Ewoldt looked at both knees & he is now showing evidence of arthritis in both knees, but his right knee has a complete tear of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament & we are definitely headed for surgery. 

As of now Dr Ewoldt is sending in Teddy’s surgery referral for his left knee ACL repair to Kimberly Crest who will perform the surgery. This is good news for us, Kimberly Crest performed this exact surgery on one of our other family yorkies and the surgery was a 100% success & she made a complete recovery.

For now, he is back home, resting comfortably & barking at every one outside like a good guard dog. He is on an anti-inflammatory & pain medication to manage his soreness & pain & im carrying him everywhere when he needs to go out. We are in a holding pattern awaiting the call from Kimberly Crest to schedule his surgery. Our next steps: schedule surgery, manage pain until surgery, & purchase a baby ‘pack & play’ for Teddy to rest in & be confined in during recovery from surgery. 

More to follow once we hear from the surgeon.

Update #4
June 17, 2022
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TEDDY UPDATE: we have arrived and he is going to undergo anesthesia & have his x-rays. More to follow.

Update #3
June 16, 2022
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UPDATE ON TEDDY: tomorrow Teddy is scheduled to go to his veterinarian at 7:30am who will anesthetize him, and take more complete x-rays of his left knee to map out the full extent of the damage to it, & then generate his referral to a local surgeon. The surgeon & animal hospital we will be going to are very good but there is a backlog of patients. After he wakes up & is fully back up from the anesthesia I’ll be back to the vet to pick him up & review the x-rays with his doctor, Dr Ewoldt.

Once the results of the x-rays are completed & the assessment done & we have a firm date for his surgery i will share those details with you all here.

I wanted to thank all of you who helped him- you all came together to make this possible, and you’ll be with us during this process. I wanted to thank you all not just for donating and sharing, but for your kind words and prayers too. I cant express adequately how much they mean to us too. (A lot!)

I will be working all weekend on thank you messages, i have a lot of them to write to write! ❤️

Update #1
June 13, 2022
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Oh my gosh! I put out the call for help, and i was humbled to have to do so, but you all met the goal in less than 15 minutes! I am so thankful to you all! Please watch this space, i will continue to post pictures of his journey through this process. Teddy goes to Scott County Animal Hospital for additional X-rays to determine the full extent of the damage to his knee and a referral will likely go to Kimberly Crest Animal Hospital to perform the surgery on his left knee. 

From the bottom my heart, THANK YOU SO MUCH! I am FLOORED and overwhelmed by the generosity & how many people have come together to help my little man. THANK YOU!

Additional funds if any are left after the surgery will be donated to a group or charity that helps others in our situation. Please stay tuned to this space for updates and photos as Teddy goes through this road to recovery.


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