Facing Homelessness

Campaign Created by: Ami Maunder
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Goal : CAD $4,000

Raised : CAD $147

Givers : 2


I am writing this for my friend. She is a dear sweet person. She has Aspergers so she has faced some challenges in life. She is very intelligent and has a university degree. Although, there were rough patches along the way after she graduated and joined the work force there were many successes.  She was never once unemployed for over 15 years.  
However; things changed drastically two years ago when a new supervisor came in.  This supervisor marginalized her, giving her entry level work despite  having been the subject matter expert on the team.  When she asked her supervisor why she was not able to work on those tasks she had previously been assigned, the supervisor complained to other people on the team that she was trying to get out of doing work.  That was not the case at all; my friend had just wanted to know why.  Further, the supervisor had often times complained she was slow. Slow in her speech and typing. However, previous  management had used those skills to benefit the team because my friend has great attention to detail and superior analytical skills.  
To make matters worse, my friend has essential tremors, so in stressful situations such as what she was going through at work; the tremors were more pronounced.  The supervisor had complained all the way up to the top.  When my friend was called to meet with senior management she was told her tremors were perceived as violent.  In all of the years through her career, my friend had never had to explain her tremors.  It has never had an impact on her ability to do her work.  
Naturally, my friend did go through the proper channels. It was a lengthy process. It was difficult but she didn't roll over. She was positive that if she went through the all of the proper channels and took advantage of the resources available things would change for the better.  Sadly, they didn't.  Her supervisor ignored her, refusing to speak to her and other people on the team also started to ignore her.  The supervisor even told new hires they weren't allowed to ask my friend for help despite being the senior member on the team. She was essentially painted in a corner.
A long story, my friend is no long working. We have all had jobs where we were bullied to some extent or harassed.  Imagine being different and going through all of this.  Not once did my friend lose hope. She would never come flat out and ask for help. It isn't her nature.  She lives alone and doesn't have a lot support she can turn to.  For some people with Aspergers the support system is rather limited.  Since she is high functioning she is in somewhat of a pickle because she doesn't qualify for the resources of support. Sadly, I do not have the means to help her.  Right now she is struggling to make ends meet and needs the bills and rent paid for this month, maybe next month but right now things are quite critical.. she is facing eviction and will soon be homeless. She has sold most of her belongings to cover the bills last month.  Her laptop, tablet, etc…
She does have an elderly mother living on the west coast.  Her mother is also unable to help as she is on old age checks that have to cover her rent and medications.  It would actually be easier if my friend could go to the West Coast to be with her Mom and get a job there.  Most jobs here require bilingualism and my friend is far from bilingual.  On the West Coast where her Mom lives, jobs do not require bilingualism so she has a better chance than here at least.
As well, since her mother is quite elderly, my friend wouldn't be alone and could spend some quality time with her mother in her twilight years because her Mom's heart is weak.
Really, anything that can help my friend would be greatly appreciated so she can even at least cover expenses for the month and not be homeless and maybe if enough people are kind perhaps be able to get enough funds to move West.  
She also has a dog.  Her best friend.  The dog is her world.  Needless to say if my friend is evicted so is the dog so my friend is beyond upset.
Anything at this moment (big or small) will help more than you know and be greatly appreciated. It hurts to see a person fight so hard to hang on to something that essentially defined them only in the end to not be supported and lose it all.
She really deserves a break, and needs the stress lifted.


Eight Days Left
January 22, 2019
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Eight Days left then Im homeless.
In a world of so many people, the one time I need help more than ever no one seems to care to help.  
I pray and nothing.
I'm so incredibly sad, scared and more alone than ever. I'm overwhelmed.
Im not bad. I just got struck with bad luck. 
I have no one to turn to, no where to go, I am truly alone and very scared of being homeless alone...the world is getting darker and colder.
If ANYONE is out there that can help please please please help now...I really need help so desperately.

Update #2
January 7, 2019
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It is so hard.  Facing eviction. Turning to so many people for help and no one cares.  Yet everyone speaks of kindness, generosity, compassion, speaking from the bible.  Words are fine. Pictures are fine. But sometimes those words and nice pictures need to be backed up by actions. If not, they are meaningless, they are nothing. Surely, everyone has 2$, 5$, 10$...it all adds up.  It is needed to keep from being evicted, to survive.  I am praying there are people out there that care to act upon those gestures, words and values before it is too late.

Update #1
January 7, 2019
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Please share. Things are serious. Now facing eviction so any amount will help more than you can imagine.


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