Welcome fellow Patriots, Heritage Ranchers, and Horseback Riding enthusiasts!

My Dear Fellow Americans,

My name is Richard, and I am a Fine Artist, a Dog Trainer and a Horse Trainer living and working on San Diego CA. I am an adult survivor of child abuse and human trafficking that received an adult diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, a high functioning sort of an Autism Spectrum Disorder. While sometimes referred to as a social difference disorder, this condition has not kept me from becoming a team builder, district manager or successful art dealer, film maker or account executive. In addition to my work as a Production Designer Art Director and Property Master, I have also contributed thousands of hours as a volunteer, program manager and outreach team member with dozens of churches, nonprofits and community based advocacy groups. Primarily working with At-Risk Kids, Veterans and Deserving Animals it has been my pleasure to serve those in need in many dynamic and meaningful roles and nothing has helped heal broken, torn and tattered places inside like just being there for others in their times of trouble or great need.

My message to families, front liners and children I have connected with over the decades who have been faced with challenging conditions or heart wrenching hardships is, basically, that "We can do all things through Christ who strengthens us,” and I have come to deeply believe that, without that promise, we all bound to become lost in some kind of world of pain, misery or despair.

Recently, me and my family have been blessed with finding a good church, making exciting progress as committed homeschoolers, and beginning to explore American Pragmatism as Boon Dockers and Campervan living adventurers, based out of San Diego CA. Our boys are continuing to handle their chores, tend to their independent studies, and participate in community service opportunities throughout the Southland. And they are definitely excited about Sunday School, making new friends and continuing to play both basketball and lacrosse.

With the new found freedoms made available because of “Thank You, Covid” I have returned to my roots and my longstanding passions for Horsemanship, working with Canines and spearheading the fight against human trafficking, with my skills, abilities and talents. Whenever I start a demonstration, workshop or session, I like to get things started by stepping up and saying, "Hiyaz! My name is Richard Keenan - and I'm here for the dogs, the horses and the kids."

In my recent work as a Wrangler, Caretaker and Ranch Hand, God has called me not only back to the ranches, pastures and kennels, but also back to His ministry. With a still, small voice and handfuls of crystal clear visions, the Creator has steadfastly been opening doors and revealing stepping stones and pathways for me to act on. I am currently working on a Natural Horsemanship Training Certification, starting to fulfill the internship requirements needed to also become an Equine Assisted Therapy Facilitator, and beginning to work with my own brand of animal training that I have been developing over the past 13 years.

“Hiyaz! My name is Richard Keenan, and I’m here for the dogs, the horses and the kids.”

On April 3rd of 2022 the Good Lord gave me, in a vision, the answer to one of my most outstanding and enduring prayers. While I have a CV replete with Business Development achievements, Consultative awards and Entrepreneurial adventures – I have always felt destined to become a Public Speaker and a Social Entrepreneur, if not some kind of Minister or Youth Pastor.

At this moment, I am filled with expecting, purpose and a spirit of both courage and joy. And it is now my honor and duty to share with you all, my new mission in life!

“Thru Riders Against Trafficking, America” is the Social Enterprise cause that I am now and forever charged with founding, promoting and expanding. And I hope you will appreciate it, embrace it, pray for it and somehow help to nourish, grow and support it, as a most worthy and effective cause, much like I have.

About T.R.A.T.A.

• The Sport of Horseback Trail Thru Riding

• Equine Assisted Therapy Programs

• Peer-2-Peer Group Frame Working

• Trauma Informed Care Best Practices

• The Fight Against Human Trafficking and Child Abuse

• The Philosophy of American Pragmatism

 Work Targeting

Starting Up General Fund $40,000

1st Thru Riders Expedition Camps & Scholarships $27,000

Inaugural Gala Production Event Fundraising Production $20,000

As a Public Speaker and lifelong Youth Advocate, I am greatly encouraged to share my life story and point to the immensely great and miraculous power of my Faith in Jesus Christ, as well as the rooting and grounding that I have found in American Pragmatism, as a philosopher, too. With an empty bucket list, coming off the back side of the global lockdown era, God has inspired me to really take things up a notch with the founding of the T.R.A.T.A. Social Enterprises organization, in April of 2022. Thru Riders Against Trafficking, America (T.R.A.T.A) launched our Horseback Riders Awakening America (HRAA) online start up campaign, today.

Our goal is to reach $87,000 in order to establish our General Operating fund and to organize our first ever Thru Riding America Camp (Bar T.R.A.C.), to be completed by and for Survivors of Trauma, Abuse and Human Trafficking (S.T.A.H.T) - and to be documented and celebrated with our first ever Thru Riders Film Festival and Horse Show (TBD).

As the Founders / Administrators of T.R.A.T.A. and as a chronically homeless family in So Cal for over the past thirteen years, myself and my fiancé are looking forward to finishing our families microbus project, adding a horse trailer to it, and leaning forward with faith, hope and love, for “One Nation, Under God.”. But were not going it alone, any longer.

With the in kind support of hard working, God fearing and community loving individuals, sponsors and donors like (YOU), we know that all things are possible through the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Think: just a small donation of $87.00 will help me continue to keep my family off the street, focused on homeschooling, and engaged in their own Equine Assisted Therapy Program experiences, as they watch their Daddy live out his faith and carry on with God's plans, as revealed in prayer, supplication and vision. Contributions beyond finishing the Mobile Marketing Vehicle / T.R.A.T.A. and securing a suitable RV Camping Lease near my sponsors humble little ranch in East County will go directly towards gearing up for our Continental Divide Trail Thru Ride, which we are just beginning to research and develop, now. You can make contributions on our Give Send Go crowdfunding page [link to page]. If you can’t give, but still want to support our Christian Social Enterprise cause, please share our page with your friends, family members, and coworkers. With more and more people aware of our triumphant story and our worthy cause, we’ll be one step closer (clippity-clop) to reaching our goal.

The team at T.R.A.T.A. would like to thank you in advance for your support of any and all Thru Riders Against Trafficking, America. If you would like to learn more about the sport of Thru Riding, about American Pragmatism, or about Richard Keenan's public speaking and Peer-2-Peer Mentoring workshops, please include #CountOnMeRK in your response. That way, as soon as things are up and running (Mobile App, Podcast, 501-C-3 and etc.), we can fill you in, first.


Richard Keenan

The Dog and Horse Chieftain

(AKA: Tribal Surf Artist)

San Diego, CA