On January 16, 2023 a loving and faithful mother, grandmother and great grandmother passed away due to septic shock and triple negative breast cancer. She was 96 years old, completely healthy, no medications, walking, talking, cooking and completely independent.

However, last November she started to have a three day headache, loss of balance and a generalized not feeling well. My mother was in and out of hospitals for two months until she passed away. It was very shocking that my mother passed away after a two month period. No one was expecting her sudden loss because she was perfectly OK.

A tragic loss for a gracious heart that only sought to bless those she came in contact with. A consistent pattern all her life. My best friend.

Genive was the perfect example of a loving mother, grandmother and great grandmother. She loved her family and I want to return the blessing and gift back to my mother and provide a decent burial for what she truly deserves. It is the last gift I can give her. During her hospital admissions and while at home I had to take care of my mother 24/7 and was not able to work for the past two months. As of now I do not have adequate finances to bury my beloved mother.

My mother was a kind, generous, faithful person that had a gracious heart that would give everything she had to help another person. Always looking out for the other person or trying to see how she could help.

I have an emergency. I have two weeks before the State government takes over my mother's body in the hospital morgue. They only allow 4 weeks and this is now going on the third week.

I have put together this donation site for this emergency and to get my mother from the hospital morgue and into the hands of a funeral home before the State government takes over. Your support to have a decent burial arrangement is urgently needed and will be truly appreciated.