August 11 2021 was a day I will never forget. 

I was fishing near a local manufacturing plant in a neighboring community. I had caught my only fish of the year. I turned around to see my then husband standing by me holding a hunting knife. I ran and was able to get into my vehicle. I attempted to leave and was flung into my door with an incredible force as my husband hit my car with the vehicle he was driving. He proceeded to repeatedly smash into me trying to run me off the road. I pulled into a plant and told the first person I saw what happened. 

The events that followed this day have been reprehensible and down right soul crushing. 

- My kids taken 

- His charges reduced

- vehicle lost

- home robbed

- business in jeopardyThe funds raised will go towards legal representation, relocation fees, a permanent home for my family and my dogs, getting my vehicle back.