At the age of 28, most people my age have hobbies and desires to do extreme activities, like mountain climbing, paragliding or skydiving. But unfortunately, for me, these are things that I’ll never be able to think about doing. As a matter of fact, simple day to day tasks are sometimes too much for me to handle due to the daily pain that comes with breaking/fracturing over 40 bones.

My name is Rachelle and I’m from the Gold Coast, Australia.

It was my 6th birthday and I was playing tag with some friends when I had my first break.

I was running away from the person who was ‘it’ when all of a sudden I felt my ankle roll. That was enough to do it... I had broken my poor little foot and on the same day, I was diagnosed with the genetic and life-threatening condition of Osteopetrosis (marble bone disease)

This is a condition where my body produces osteoclasts (to build new bone) but doesn’t produce osteoblasts (to break old bone down)

This results in my bones being overly dense and the most minimal impact can cause me to break. Not only this, the overgrowth of bone puts excess pressure on my nerves.

Because of this, I suffer from sight loss in my left eye and daily pain with sciatica.

All through childhood I was in and out of casts, at doctor appointments and/or in hospital...

As a result of this condition, I’ve always found it hard to maintain friendships, keep a job, try new things, go out and participate in group activities or even allow myself to have fun at all.

That was until a couple of weeks ago, I fell in love with LEGO!

It may sound ridiculous but the joy I have found in building and creating something amazing has genuinely been bringing me SO much happiness.

I’ve already built a Bat Mobile, The Friends Apartments/Central Perk and I’m currently about to finish the Home Alone House. 🤩

I love the feeling I get when the thing your building starts coming all together and I don’t want my projects to ever end haha.

It may sound absolutely ridiculous but if you’re looking to make a young girl smile and can spare a few dollars, I’d really appreciate it! As I’m sure most of you know, lego is not cheap!

I feel like a scab for even asking/reaching out but I’ve never asked for help, I’ve always just suffered in silence... I’m slowly learning I don’t have to.. ❤️

Thank you for taking the time to read my very brief synopsis of what it’s like to have Osteopetrosis and if you can’t donate, at the very least educate yourself on Osteopetrosis and always remember, be kind - always. You never know what others are going through on the daily.

I did originally start a GoFundMe but cancelled after the Convoy Scandal. 🇦🇺
Total originally was $1,000 but I had to recreate the campaign to add a header image.  Had received a $200 donation from Phoebe Butterworth, and $10 from Kane.