I am raising money to help me campaign for the office of Idaho State Senator for District 8.  The District includes Elmore, Custer, Boise, and Valley counties.

My basic belief is in freedom of choice.  I belief that freedom is based on the ability to freely choose our path in life.  Freedom of choice doesn't mean freedom from consequences - if you choose to break the law you will suffer the consequences but laws should not constrain beliefs.  We must be free to believe differently from our neighbor or members of our family without the force of government determining which of our beliefs are acceptable and which are not. 

When these freedoms are impaired not only individuals but nations suffer from the results of the imposition of the will of one sector on another sector or group of society.  We can look back on religious persecution, persecution based on national origin, with the Irish, the Chinese, our own native Americans, and most unpleasantly the treatment of blacks with slavery.  These have all been stains on our nations history but we have overcome them and have been working towards a more perfect union. 

Today there are forces that are trying to divide us by teaching heresies about the founding of our nation.  Some of my ancestors came to America in 1619 - not for slavery but for religious freedom and their descendants were those who opposed slavery for generations.  Other ancestors came to Jamestown in the 1620's for economic freedom which was not available in England.  They came to Virginia and they or their descendants may have own slaves, I don't have any information on them.  Since I am not perfect and have made mistakes in my life I don't judge them for the decisions they made in their lives.  The lived in different times with different societal standards.  I cannot fix what they did nor am I responsible for their actions.  I can only live my life and move forward.

I have lived overseas in West Africa and in the Philippines and have worked in other nations.  From that I have a deep appreciation and love for the United States of America and for our ability to choose our future without the government interfering in our lives.  The ability to choose has been slowly eroding and currently there are those who would take our remaining freedoms away from us under the guise of either what is "best" for the community or because they are "smarter", know more than we do ("more educated"), or simply think those who disagree with them are "stupid" or "deplorables".  I stand firmly against these people and believe that if we educate our children to understand good from evil, and right from wrong; we can choose wisely and go forth nobly and boldly into the future.  I have great faith in those who work hard for a living and carry forth their belief in a just God that ultimately rewards good and evil.

Some of my specific concerns include:

1) The imposition of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) scores will negatively impact the ability of normal citizens who are opposed to elites imposing their will on everyday American.  The recent actions by Trudeau in Canada are just a precursor to the use of ESG scores in determining who will be able to transact business is not only shocking but terrifying.  If the ESG scores are not prevented in Idaho we can expect to be subject to actions similar to those Trudeau imposed on the truckers here in our own state.  

2)  The inability to harvest our forests in the state due to environmental opposition to timber sales has led to overgrown forests that are susceptible to catastrophic fires.  The huge fires in the western US is, in my opinion, due more to the lack of thinning and harvest that the environmentalists have prevented than to "climate change" or, more likely, an extended drought.

3)  The current warm cycle and glacial melt that the environmental industry are raising alarms about also occurred in the 1910 period where glaciers in Alaska retreated as much as 3 miles in a couple of years.  The retreat of glaciers is not new and has happened before.  We need to oppose global warming inspired mandates from Washington, D.C. and the environmental communities that are being used to implement ESG and other policies that will allow the "elite" to impose their will on the "deplorables" in the western United States and especially in Idaho.

4)  There is a movement using "climate change" to force ESG on the masses of the United States that will prepare the way for the "Great Reset" which will end capitalism and replace it with socialism/communism.  Socialism has not worked any place it has been attempted and will turn the United States into Venezuela, Cuba or any of the other nations where it has been tried and failed.   One of the ways to prevent this is to return government power and controls to the lowest level of government possible.  This includes taking education decisions from the state and federal governments and returning them to the local school boards.  

5) I am extremely concerned about the direction education in Idaho is headed and believe we need to reduce state mandates to the local school districts.  As a university graduate I have seen universities morph from institutions where students were taught how to think rather than what to think.  If universities cannot be revised to teach "how to';s" rather than "what to think's" they should be defunded and forced to seek private support.  Trade schools should be emphasized as places where more money can be made at lower training costs.

Historically the state set the standards for graduation and the local districts were able to determine how to meet the state standards with their own methods.  Now the state sets the curriculum and standards and allows much less leeway at the school district level.  In Idaho we are proud to be the most Republican state in the nation, but our policies are in drastic need of reform if we are to be the most Republican state in policies and regulations.  

I hope you will support my candidacy and together we can bring some sanity back to Idaho politics and protect conservative values from further erosion in Idaho.  Thank you for any donation you are willing to make to our conservative cause!

In order to keep your donation we will need your name and full address in the comments section so we can fill out the paperwork.  If we don't have (or can't figure it out) we have to return your donation which will make us very sad!  Thanks!