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The funds from this campaign will be received by Dr. Paul Gosselin.

Goal: USD $30,000
Raised: USD $ 1,540

Dr. Paul Gosselin is a courageous medical freedom fighter who

signed letters of exemption for people seeking shelter from the

“no jab, no job”; tyranny that caused him to be persecuted by the

Maine Osteopathic Medical Board with suspension of his medical

license for eight (8) months. In addition, Dr. Gosselin prescribed

Ivermectin for me and my family to have on hand when we got

Covid. Indeed, we got sick but had the right remedies on hand.

This truly “safe and effective” medicine greatly curtailed the

severity of our symptoms and we recovered far more quickly than

we would have without it. This is all thanks for Dr. Paul Gosselin. He did the

same for countless others - saving many from going to the

hospital or being more severely ill.


For eight months, Paul could not work, nor could he serve the

patients who needed him. For eight long months, Dr. Paul

Gosselin had to survive without income! Fortunately, due to great

legal work by Attorney Ron Jenkins, Dr Gosselin emerged

victorious above the overreaching, tyrannical actions of the Maine

Osteopathic Medical Board after three long days of hearings

spread over many months. His was fined $1,000, not $8,000 as

Maine’s Attorney General (AG) wanted. He is on “technical”

probation and not “practicing monitoring” as Maine’s AG wanted.

Another win was that Dr. Paul Gosselin’s license was immediately

reinstated in contrast to the demand of Maine’s AG who wanted

the suspension to continue for many more months! Finally, the

Maine Osteopathic Medical Board lost in that their anticipated

simple, short disciplinary hearing, that would have resulted in

maximum negative publicity to serve as an example for other truth

tellers in the medical community; turned into three, 8-hour day

deliberation process that cost The Board time and money!


This was a tremendous win for Dr. Gosselin and the freedom

loving citizens of the State of Maine. Please join with me and

others around the nation in supporting this medical hero, Dr. Paul

Gosselin, who has risked it all by telling the truth about the

dangers of the mRNA jab; prescribed drugs that are truly

safe and effective against Covid and who has provided a safe haven

for those wanting to work without being “jabbed!”


Update #1
July 31, 2022
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Dear fellow freedom lovers and fighters,

Many thanks to those who have already contributed to Dr. Paul Gosselin's GiveSendGo campaign.  Your financial leadership has paved the way for others to follow.   The contribution process from this site, directly to Dr. Gosselin's bank account has been verified.  The system works!  All that is needed now is for you so share the link for this campaign with everyone you know who cherishes medical freedom and desires medical care from a truth telling physician, who really cares about you, rather than a doctor who parrots "the narrative" in deference to the dictates of their organization.

Dr. Paul Gosselin Stood Up in the fight against medical tyranny that forcibly mandated mRNA injections of healthy people, people who aren't even sick; threatened those who resisted with loss of livelihood as a penalty for noncompliance; and removed HIPAA privacy rules from the medical landscape.  Now it's your turn to Stand Up and join the fight against this outrageous overreach by government.  Please support Maine and the Nation's hero by generously contributing to Dr. Paul Gosselin's GiveSendGo campaign.


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