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Costa Rica is an adventurer's paradise, known for its stunning beaches and beautiful rainforests. Outside of the tourist destinations, however, are large pockets of poverty and family brokenness throughout the nation. The people of Costa Rica need to remember the unchanging love of Jesus—and that it is still real and relevant to their lives.

When our youth get to Costa Rica, they will be working with local churches and Mercy Homes of Nosara to build houses for the poorest people of Costa Rica. We will be helping to build very simple houses: about 20 feet by 20 feet, divided into two rooms with a small front porch.  The floor is concrete, the interior walls show the studs, and the roof is corrugated metal.  It is as simple as possible.

Yet the mother in one of the previous built houses said with tears in her eyes at the dedication of her house, “I never dreamed I would live in a house like this.”  The house didn’t even have running water.  The kitchen and bathroom were in a detached shed.  Yet, this was her dream house.  For most of us, our dream house would look far different.  Our mission trip will do much to change our understanding of wealth and necessities.  They are bold reminders of the poverty in which much of the world lives. 

While we meet the need of improved housing, our ultimate mission is the same as our church’s mission in our own community, to introduce people to Christ and help them follow Him. We hope to show the community of Nosara Christ’s love through our hard work with Mercy Homes and Casa Vida Church. Casa Vida church in Nosara and Mercy Homes look for ways of providing housing to families in need and by these projects, unite brothers and sisters in Christ so that we can show Christ’s love in the community.

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Campaign Created by:
Gabe Kale Gulf Breeze, FL Follow

$205 of $1,600

13 % Complete 2 donation(s)

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