Hi, my name is Jennifer CAVIN. I'm the daughter of an amazing women named Karen Ballard. She has been a single mom of 3 children for many years and has always rose to the challenge. She is an amazing mother and now grandmother to 5 grandkids. My mom has always been a hard worker, Always willing to help anyone in need without hesitation. Just 2 years ago she was working 70+ hours a week to support her family. Fast forward to today. She has been diagnosed with ALS (aka-Lou Garricks disease). Her days are much different now. The mostly consist of sitting in bed watching TV. I am her full time care giver and also a single mother of 3. I drive a Mazda 6 car which is extremely small and very cramped for room. My mom
is having a lot of trouble getting in and out because it's so low to the ground. We also just got  her and electric wheelchair which we cannot take anywhere we go due to no room. I'm looking for donations to buy a vehicle to help make her life just a little easier. ALS is a horrific disease and plus no favorites. It's had robbed her of her freedom of I depend ace at the your age of 59. Please consider donating.. god bless