Severe OA Left Hip with subchondrol cysts in Acetabulum and Femur Head - Sulaxtion Hip

#1. I don't want to ask... I don't want to ask 
#2. I've never had to ask for assistance in my life
#3. I would not ask, if had other options ... but, I do not
#4. I've been told a million times: 
      "sometimes you have to do what you don't want to do, to get what you need"
#5. Insurance denied the request immediately - 60 years old
       (automatically labeled "pre-existing")
#6. The ongoing trauma to the bone, and socket are causing greater damage
#7. Symptoms -  Chronic Limping, severe pain in the hip, knee, and ankles
      (compensatory response)
      Numbness in the feet. Back pain and stiffness - Dr. assessed my left hip injury
       has shortened the left leg approximately 1 inch -
       The rest of the body is just responding to the imbalance.
#8: Cost is $25k to $30k - Includes pre- surgical exam, COVID Clearance Test, Surgeon & Staff,        Patient's Non-Private Room (Up to 5 days) Meds-Rx, Meals, and Physical Therapy.
#9. All I can offer is ... Great Gratitude - Thanks for your consideration. God Bless :)