Hello everyone my name is Ralph Dantley and i  am 62 years old  and  i do mobile food outreach to those who homeless on the streets and Senior Citizens and families who are in need of food support going on 17 years strong from my on pocket.I  do this through self funding  and this is what keeps it going. I am now   partial disabled through Osteoarthritis and have you know the aches and pains and mobility issues that comes with this which has the reason i am seeking your help to take care of some pressing financial issues so i can keep mobile out reaching especially now with this Cov-19 thing and lockdowns,Seniors really get hit hard from lack of transportation and isolation.I know that through your financial support in this situation i would be able to serve more efficiently especially coming into this 2021 new year and would  be on  some solid financial  ground to handle all other expenses.I am grateful for any support offered and look forward to giving a Praise report!!!!!  ?Ralph Dantley❤️