Lots of prayer and meditation on scripture rhema word in keeping with Holy Spirit gifts brought me to the conclusion that God has HIS own definitions of victory in 2020.  After writing notes of encouragement to those around me (drawing upon years of expertise) it struck me that I ought to keep at it through the duration.  The conviction of the Holy Spirit rested upon me to keep people informed and encouarged. 

I LOVE FOR ANYONE to take comfort in my thoughts and would generate them regardless of donations.  I dislike even asking for donations.  But this is where the Lord has me planted.  As a country it is a time of great transition to a new season of answered prayer and the fulfillment of time of the Matthew 24:14.

This campaign exists to help me keep the lights on, while I use my gift to edify the body in a time of temporal change.  Revelation to many is in the cards, with them turbulence, but our God is good and faithful.  I see rough times ahead, but by prayer and wisdom our savior will quiet the anxiety over it. 

Web URL to go live 11/21.  Stay tuned and stay prayerful. @czekmate on parler... look for me!

God Bless you!