Hi Friends and Family!

We're the O. Family and we'd love if you would partner with us as we embark on this new season of our lives, as we prepare to take the g-----l to the unreached. 

Due to the sensitive nature of our future work, likely in a restricted access country, the information and details on this website are intentionally simplistic. We'd love to share more over email and Zoom. You can contact us at the.o.family.2014@gmail.com or sign up for our newsletter using the link at the bottom.

In order to attend the training program R.I. from August 2021 to June 2022, which will equip us for the journey ahead, we need to develop $6,000 of monthly support, which covers the program tuition and living expenses. This site doesn't allow the display of a "Monthly Support Goal" so the amount listed is the total we'd expect to need for the entire program, which does not need to be raised beforehand.

Supporting us, whether in prayer or financially, is an opportunity to be a part of seeing the g----l travel to a place it has never gone. We know that God is ultimately the one who advances his g----l and we are excited that he has called us to be a part of that, to share with those who will never hear until someone goes. So please pray for us and consider partnering with us as we endeavor to preach the g----l where C----t is not yet known.

The O. Family
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How to Give
If you'd like to start giving now please use the "Give Now" button on this page. To pledge a monthly financial support amount to begin in August 2021 please fill out this form and we'll follow up via email before the program begins.

Some Important Notes about Financial Support:
  • --  Please note that all support giving is as a gift to us under the Gift Tax Exclusion law and not considered tax-deductible by the IRS..
  • --  This website allows for the creation of auto-recurring giving on a monthly basis, which you can setup if you choose to support us financially. The one-time/recurring options are on the second page of the donation form. 
  • --   If you choose to support us monthly you can set a donation expiration date of June 2022, which reflects the completion of the program.
  • --  Any financial support raised prior to the August 2021 start date will be held in a separate bank account and not used until the program begins.
  • --  We have established an advisory board at our church that will oversee our support raising process. They will also serve as a source of independent oversight and we can provide their contact information to you if you have any questions or concerns.