This is to cover the startup costs I've incured in building during this Coronavirus crazyness.  I'm asking for your help and want to not only recognize your support on my website, I also want to get you paid for your support!
  I don't know how long Cash App is going to keep this ten dollar boost for introducing new customers to them but I'm hoping to recognize 2,000 supporters (while getting you paid!)

Here are the requirements and steps:
  • If you do not have the Cash App and do have five dollars on a bank issued debit card.  (Already have Cash App? Do what you can and I'll honor my part of the challenge)
  • Go to Google play and download 'Cash App' (don't activate yet, just install)
  • send me a text with your full name to 469-410-5406.
    (I'll add you to my contacts under: Friends of WhenvsWhy.  Then send you the link)
  • Follow Cash Apps prompts and load five onto your new card.
    (Of course you can add more but the first load needs to be at least five dollars)
  • Send $5 (or more) to $WhenvsWhy. (whatever you send to me through your Cash App Card, I'll pay here as an anonymous donation then put your Cash App tag under the note section).  I just found out this morning that not only do you have to do the whole process in 7 days to get the bonus, you have to pay a minimum of $5 to an existing Cash App member.
  • THEN I'll be adding you to 's Permanent Recognition & Thank You page.
Thank you in advance for all your support and help.

P.s.  Even if you don't qualify for the challenge, I'll happily list you on the Thank You page under honorable mention if you follow the steps above AND/OR donate here directly!