Travis and Angela Maxey have five kids. They are devout Christians who are seeking to live to the best of their ability for the glory of God. He serves the local church as an elder and evangelist. This is a non-paid position that Travis is committed to because of his passion for the Lord, for the church, and for the lost sinners in the world.

Within the last year, Travis had 3 back fusions. He was feeling better and went back to work for several months. But three weeks ago he went to the ER due to intense pain in the neck, arms, and mid back and a loss of strength and sensation in the arms and hands. Ever since the pain and weakness has not ceased. His neurosurgeon is working to diagnose the problem and find a solution as quickly as possible as this is concerning. Yet, the problem exists and has forced Travis to quit his job.

Moreover, the Maxey's plumbing has failed them. They live in an old house with old pipes. These old cast iron pipes unfortunately must be replaced before the grounds freeze in winter. The cost is $8,500. Please consider donating. Thank you so much!