B. Leigh's Coffee (pronounced bee lee's kaw-fee) has been a vision for John and Brittany Barnette for nearly 7 years. What started out as a love for coffee shops turned into a love for what coffee shops can do for people. As lovers of travel, John and Brittany experienced some of the best and worst experiences in coffee shops. Over the years of working in their own professions and seeing the good and bad of leadership in businesses, John and Brittany began to see a vision for what God could do through them in owning their own local business. Combining great coffee, a welcoming atmosphere, and exceptional service with how God has called them to treat people (both customers and employees), they began to see that starting this business would be much more than just a coffee shop. We know that 1 Peter 4:8-9 says, "Above all, keep loving one another earnestly, since love covers a multitude of sins. Show hospitality to one another without grumbling." Of all the needs people have, receiving the love of God is at the forefront and is something we are more than capable of giving.

After finding a space in their small town of Stewartstown, John and Brittany began to pray and prepare for God's timing. Researching equipment needs, staffing, and developing a vision for B. Leigh’s led them through an incredible (and oftentimes difficult) journey trusting God.

Fast forward to September 2019. While scrolling through the community page on Facebook, Brittany came across a post about two investors looking for someone to start a coffee shop in their newly acquired location in Stewartstown. After a moment of panic, John and Brittany realized that this could be the opportunity God had provided. They submitted their proposal and received a call back asking to meet with the owners. Having no idea where this location would be, they prayed and prepared some more while waiting for the address of the location. When they finally got it, it was the exact location they had been praying over for years! After many applicants and several meetings, John and Brittany were chosen for the space and could finally see this vision come to life.

They got to work right away by hiring an architect and eventually bidding general contractors for the renovations required to make the blank canvas a coffee shop. They found a bank who would fund their startup and was also excited and believed in their vision. With each new step they got closer and closer...and then COVID-19 hit. The governor of Pennsylvania halted all construction and closed all restaurants. The bank could no longer justify lending to a startup that couldn’t open. Slowly everything seemed like it was falling apart. The B. Leigh’s Coffee project got pushed back another month in hopes that restrictions would lift. And then another month, and another, and another until finally the bank could not give a date as to when they could close on the loan.

We have sought the Lord and His Word and have been told by brothers and sisters in Christ that we should be seeking to start this business debt free. We’ve asked “But how, God?” and He has said, “Let Me worry about the how, just trust Me.” We know that when we relinquish control, that is when God can really work and He truly can get all the glory. We are now asking for your help to get this project off the ground! Restrictions are lifting and now is the time for the work to begin! Will you partner with us to spread the love of God through B. Leigh’s Coffee?

The heart of B. Leigh's is to create a cozy and welcoming space in Stewartstown, PA where everyone can come and experience the peace God has to offer. The space will consist of approximately 50 seats that are a combination of tabled seating and couch seating, including a communal table, as well as a meeting room space for rent by the hour for larger groups that prefer a private reserved space. All donations will go towards adding plumbing and drainage lines for the sinks and equipment, expanding one and adding an additional bathroom, framing and drywall, running electricity, and painting.