We are raising money for HillBarrow.com due to the fact that this product is specifically designed to help alot of struggling people of all ages,literally, while offering select businesses across this great country a long-awaited motorized boost as well. Trying to get the big corporations attention on a new product has been a total waste of time in this profits over people and production over pride made in China kinda greedy times we live in. 

This "Made in the U.S.A." patented and trademarked product simply motorizes the Lowes, Home Depot, and all other standard 6 cubic ft. one-wheeled wheelbarrows sold in the U.S. markets today. We have been pushing the loaded wheelbarrow since the stone-age and its way past the time for a modern day motorized change. 

Advertising with Google being a little man living in the rich corporaton's world is like throwing your money into a pit and keeping your fingers crossed that they will be some kinda return on investment. The problem is, no one knows that this product is invented yet, so getting people to search for something they don't know is here yet just isnt going to happen without a miracle or backing of some sort. Noone wants and should pray to God for monetary gain in our view, but I do feel God directed us to this site, which may very well be the next best thing. 

If anyone is interested in buying this product out, partnering in some form or fashion, or just investing in some way or another, feel free to donate directly and/or email us through the HillBarrow.com website. We ask that any person of interest of any kind, please check the inventor out through his estabilished business records linked within AmericanPrideConcrete.com. We have been a proud member of the Better Business Bureau since 2006 with a perfect record of six 5-star reviews to date. We have also been a proud member of HomeAdviser since last year maintaining twenty-three 5-star reviews to date as well.