1 year ago, Affordable Dentures in Conway Arkansas was paid 1850.00 to pull the remaining teeth I had after a car accident took most of the others.  I was promised that after the initial mold and fitting (that they did immediately after pulling my teeth) I would come back in six months to a year to have ANOTHER mold made so the teeth would fit after the swelling went down, only to be told that the Dr. made a mistake and that they would ONLY put liners in the teeth they had made immediately after pulling them.
Well here I am 1 1/2 years later and about 20 lbs lighter because I can't eat anything that I can't chew with just my gums.  It's not fair what they did but apparently I had no legal recourse because I trusted the Dr. and signed the form. Now I am unemployed, can't eat properly and it is hard to find a job when you can't smile.  My life is ruined because of one dishonest unscrupulous Dr.
I didnt want to depend on charity to help but am at the end of my rope and am quickly burning through savings trying to "get by"...
Please help if you are able.
If not, I wish you well and may God keep you and your family safe in these trying times.
Thank you,
Walter Gayle
9220 w 44th st 
Little Rock, Arkansas 72204
God Bless You All...