During a time when all of our Heritage is under attack and many symbols are being torn down to erase the Christian history of our great country. We want to build a park that will have as many of our key role models as possible. We want them to be taught to the children and remembered by the adults until the end of history. This park would help to accomplish that goal.

We want to create an artistic layout for a park by using geometrical patterns for each section of history within the park. Inside these patterns will be water fountains and or other water features or foliage that will draw attention to the key historical figure(s). The individual geometric layout of each section will be made to flow into the overall design of the totality of the park. The over head view would form the image of a cross.

Some examples of Key figures would include the fore fathers, the founders, pilgrims, colonists, pioneers, reformers, martyrs, early Christians and of course the Nativity, the miracles of Christ, the stations of the cross and the resurrection of Christ.

The walk ways will be made for the use of small electric vehicles to aid the elderly and handicapped persons, as well as for walking to aid in the fitness and well being of the visitors.

Technology would also be deployed to automatically play a historical message about the key event or figure as they approach each section with in the park. Plaques would also be used for those who would like to read the historical message.

Benches and seats will be strategically located throughout the park along with drinking fountains to make the visitors comfortable during their tour. An area would also be made for holding small presentations or seminars for guest speakers.