Help Eric gain more independence and the freedom to get into the outdoors that he loves so much.    Eric has been very active in the outdoors hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, backpacking and more up until his disability. Eric suffers from a rare combination of two degenerative chronic debilitating joint diseases called Concurrent HLA-B27pos Ankylosing Spondylitis and Rheumatoid Arthritis.   These disease have brought Eric to a point in his life to where he has to use fore arm crutches for short distances and a wheelchair for everything else in his daily life. Having to use a wheelchair has limited Eric greatly from being able to do what he loves to do getting in the outdoors into the woods  to explore doing activities that he loves to do more. This can all change with the addition of adaptive mobility equipment like the Action Track chair or a Terrianhopper 4 wheel drive wheelchair in Erics life. We are seeking funding help because with Erics disability he is on a fixed income and medical insurance does not cover these types of disability equipment.    We are seeking donations for the purchase of a ActionTrack chair or Terrianhopper for Eric.    A  ActionTrack chair is like a wheelchair but it has tracks on it and the Terrianhopper is a 4 wheel drive wheelchair and allows the disabled person to go places that a wheelchair can not go, like getting out into the woods or along a streams or lakes to fish or just exploring nature.    A  Adaptive mobility equipment like the ActionTrack chair or Terrianhopper would be a fantastic help to Eric to get back into the outdoors to explore and do many more activities. Your support for this cause would be a game changer in Erics life, improving the quality of his life, giving Eric more independence and freedom.    Please help Eric by making a generous donation  to help Eric get back into the outdoors.   Thank You for Your support.

Living with two degenerative chronic dibilatating joint diseases is a daily challenge. What most people do not realize is that I am in various levels of pain 24/7. I never have a minute without pain. Even when I am trying to do something I enjoy I am in pain and in most cases after I do the activity that I like doing it takes me a week or more to recuperate from that activity. Because of the damage in my joints any movement and pressure causes pain. I am in a very good management of my diseases but the challenge is still there.
This is another reason why I am trying to raise funds for the equipment so I can still try and enjoy what I love to do but not torture my body so much doing it and this equipment would help alot in helping me to enjoy the outdoors but also allow me to protect my joints from more damage.
Please help.