My stepdaughter's name is Hailey. She lives with her mother in Maine. She stays with us during the summer in Illinois where we are from, and this time around she came to us having harmed herself because of of abuse from her stepfather. We are taking her to counseling,  and getting her the help she needs. She doesn't need to go back to that situation. We have gotten a lawyer in Illinois to file an emergency hearing to keep her here until we get a judgment in Maine, we have a time limit of 60 days to get this through as quickly as possible or the order runs out. We took the down payment we were saving for a house and got the lawyer in Illinois. It is my husband, myself and our 4 children living here, we make just enough that we do not qualify for any assistance with a lawyer. We are trying to get a lawyer and a guardian ad-litem in Maine to fight the custody battle. We have gotten a loan for a portion of the fees but are still a little short. We just want her safe and happy. Please help us to finish paying for the lawyer and guardian ad-litem.