Help Lily Garland Get the Wheelchair Van She Needs

Campaign Created by: Elizabeth Wallace

The funds from this campaign will be received by Elizabeth Wallace.

Goal : USD $40,000
Raised : USD $ 40,700

Nearly 7 years ago, Danny and Laura Garland welcomed their fifth child, Lily, into the world. Due to a traumatic birth injury, Lily has spastic quadriplegic cerebral palsy and seizures. As a result of her condition, Lily requires physical help for all daily activities. 

Danny and Laura have generously, faithfully, lovingly and tirelessly given of themselves to Lily and their 5 other beautiful children. Lily’s beautiful smile and sounds of joy, especially upon seeing her parents and siblings, bring a special grace to those who know her.  The Garlands have been an inspiration to their community with their selfless, uncomplaining, constant care.

Now it is our turn to help! Lily is nearly 7 years old, 45 lbs. and a growing girl. She is becoming too tall and large for Laura (who is 4’11”!) to carry and lift in and out of their van. Lily can no longer be adequately supported in a car seat; she needs to be in her own supportive wheelchair in the van. The answer is a 15 passenger wheelchair van, so Lily can be safely brought with her whole family in one vehicle. 

Time is of the essence to raise money for at least a down payment for a wheelchair van. The transmission of the Garlands’ current van is shot. Danny has just begun a new job as a Catholic high school teacher in Charlotte, NC. 

If we can quickly raise money for a down payment, the Garlands won’t have to needlessly spend extra money fixing their current van, which cannot provide for Lily’s needs. 

There are some requirements that must be met for a van to be converted. First, it needs to have fewer than 40k miles. For a family of their size, the Garlands would need a 15 passenger Transit XLT with a high or mid roof. A van of this size, used, averages at $45k. A new van would be over $60k. The Garlands need our help to be able to raise a down payment, so they can afford the monthly payment. 

Danny and Laura have cared for Lily with so much grace and love. Please join me in helping them carry this cross of needing a wheelchair van. Any little bit you can give, especially during these difficult times, is greatly appreciated. May the Good Lord reward and bless you! 


September 16, 2020
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We are overwhelmed with gratitude for all who have donated to, prayed over, and shared this fundraiser. Because of the donations, we have been able to reserve a new to us van that will be converted and hopefully serve our family well for many years. 
We are humbled at your generosity and pray that God will bless you as you have blessed us. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In Christ,
The Garlands


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